Alternative Heartburn Remedies and Treatments

Alternative Heartburn Remedies and Treatments

If you suffer from heartburn and do not want to go to a doctor and have yet another pill prescribed to you, then consider one of the many alternative heartburn remedies and treatments.  This may take some experimentation on your behalf to see what works for you, since everyone is different, but when you find what works stick with it.

There are all kinds of alternative medicine and remedy centers located even in small towns, just make sure the practitioners are properly licensed.

You can choose to have acupuncture or acupressure done.  Acupuncture has somewhat of a bad reputation, perhaps due to its use of needles.  It is definitely not as scary or painful.  If it were, then why would so many people use it on a regular basis?  Acupressure works on a similar premise, but uses pressure on points usually done with the hands, instead of the needles.  Both are good options for alternative heartburn remedies.  If you are the least bit curious, find a local acutherapist and talk with them about the exact procedures and how it works.


Massage is another good option.  A massage therapists training is a lot more in depth than just rubbing backs.  They are taught exactly which areas to massage to relieve certain ailments like heartburn.  Massage can also help get your digestive system moving.  Toxins that are stored in your cells and organs are released through massage.  Massage helps improve circulation throughout your body.  Look for a massage therapist in your area and make sure they are certified.  Most therapists are trained in specialties like medicinal massage.  Don’t be afraid to ask the therapist what their specialties are and how much they charge.



If you like getting a good foot massage, and do not mind having your feet touched, then reflexology may be your choice of alternative heartburn remedies.  Reflexology uses pressure points on your feet that are each associated with a certain part of your body.

All of these types of therapists can be found in any alternative holistic treatment facility, if you are having trouble finding these ask a manager at your local health food store, as they can be a good resource.

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