6 Treatments For Curing Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease that affects the male and female reproductive parts. The disease is caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhea commonly known as “the calp”. A highly contagious disease, Gonorrhea can be caused by several reasons. Unprotected sex with an infected person can cost Gonorrhea.

Gonorrhea treatment

Unwashed vaginal parts might get infected from the use of dirty and unclean toilets or even breast feeding babies can get infected from the milk of their infected mothers.

Early detection of the infection and consultation of experienced medical professional is very essential to prevent any kind of further damage to the private parts of the body. Considering the damage the disease can cause, it is always advisable to consult physician as soon as possible if one has even slightest of doubt.

Symptoms of Gonorrhea in Men

Gonorrhea symptoms are accompanied with the different features developing in the private parts of the body. At the tip of the penis one can find pus like discharge. The discharge comes from the Urethra and is yellow in colour. One can get an itching sensation at the time of urinating.

Sometimes the process of passing urine can get painful in extreme cases of infection. Infected men have the tendency to urinate more often than usual. In extreme cases even blood may pass with urine. The glands of the groin may swell and the penis might get red. These symptoms are common and easy to notice.

Symptoms of Gonorrhea in women

The symptoms of Gonorrhea in women are almost same as that of in men. Along with vaginal discharge and irritation of the private parts, women can also experience swelling of the affected area and abnormal menstrual bleeding.

In both men and women, early symptoms of infection might not be felt and still they can be contagious enough to spread the infection. In the advanced stage, the infection can spread from the uterus to the fallopian tube and then to the abdomen triggering peritonitis and in extreme cases death. In some cases Fallopian tubes get sealed off due to infection resulting in sterility. Gonorrhea can also cause eye infection if it comes in contact with the bacterial infection.

A number of methods are available for the treatment of Gonorrhea. Other than the prescribed antibiotics and medicines, one can also opt for Alternative medicine. These are naturally occurring remedial methods that are used to diminish and finally cure the infection in a person. The best part about the use of these traditional methods of treatment is that they do not have any side affects.

Alternative medicine and Gonorrhea treatment

Herbal treatment

This includes treatment of Gonorrhea symptoms by using naturally occurring herbs. Some of the most popular herbs used for treatment of Gonorrhea. Alternative Medicine For Curing Gonorrhea are as follows

Echinacea herbal treatment

This herb is popular for its anti viral and anti bacterial activities. The herb plays an important role in increasing the immunity of the body and is useful in the treatment of skin problems and scepticemia. The herb has a soothing affect when applied on the infected area and therefore reduces the burning sensation of the infected private parts.


Golden seal herbal treatment

Golden Seal is a Native Herb of North America with astringency properties. This therapeutic property of the herb is used as a douche for various vaginal infections. The herbal plant plays an important role in the treatment of Gonorrhea by reducing inflammation of the private parts and having a cooling affect on the mucous membrane of the infected part. The herb also helps in cleaning the blood form infection. In case of bleeding from the private parts; the powdered Golden Seal herb can be sprinkled on the infected part to stop bleeding.

Golden seal

Sida Cordifolia

Sida Cordifolia an Indian weed, the paste of this herb when applied on the infected area helps to reduce inflammation and redness of the parts.Other herbs like prickly ash and Sarsaparilla have been used for years as an alternative medicine for treatment of Gonorrhea.

Sida Cordifolia


For long this Chinese remedial method has been used to treat Gonorrhea. The process of Acupuncture might not have a direct affect on the cure of the disease but it helps in enhancing the immune system of the body against the bacterial infection.

aloe vera

Home remedies

The ancient science of Ayurvedic medicine speaks of some simple house hold remedial formulations for the treatment of Gonorrhea.

Regular and repeated intake of fresh fruit and lemon juices will help in cleansing of the infection from blood. Intake of at least three litres of water in a day will help in dispersing the infection through urine.Garlic in known to have antibacterial properties and a paste made up of raw garlic are prescribed for Gonorrhea infections. Aloe Vera is another home based product, the jelly of the plant has a therapeutic affect on the infected part.

lemon juice

Natural supplements

Copaiba and Andiroba oil help in decreasing inflammation of the affected area. Vitamin B complex helps in enhancing the resistance power of the body against infection. Naturally occurring Omega 3fatty acids are known to decrease the infection.

Health care professionals are recognising the positive affects of alternative medicine over the conventional methods of treatment. The reason can be attributed to the aspect of this treatment that looks for analyzing and identifying the causes of the disease and beliefs in whole body healing. Alternate medicinal treatment does not remain restricted to localized effect. The treatment has an approach that looks at the problems of the body as a whole and not just curing of the symptoms. Moreover natural treatment of the diseases allows the body its own pace for cure without the fear of any side affects. It works towards increasing the immune system of the body.

Conventional medicines are not only costly but there always remains a fear of side effects in case the body reacts to certain chemicals. Moreover, widespread use of these medicines makes them immune to bacterial and viral infection rendering them ineffective. These are the facts that have made people shift from the conventional mode of treatment to the alternative medicines for effective treatment.

Andiropa oil