An Overview On Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamins are the essential sources of energy that the human body requires. They make sure that the body organs are functioning normally as well as properly. There are a lot of vitamins that are important for the human beings. A little deficiency in one of them can cause various diseases.

vitamin deficiency symptoms

So, it is imperative that you consult with the doctor at the first sight of the vitamin deficiency symptoms. This article will be discussing about the symptoms that are caused by vitamin deficiency.

Deficiency Symptoms Of Vitamins

Vitamin A

A deficiency in vitamin A causes poor night vision; it also has various skin based symptoms like cracked, dry cracked skin, drying of the mucous membranes, reduction of the ability in hearing, tasting and smelling. Perspiration ability is considerably reduced that may lead to respiratory oriented infections.

vitamin A

Vitamin B

The symptoms caused by vitamin B deficiency are on the skin surrounding the eyes, mouth and nose. It also causes pellagra which leads to deterioration of the nerves. When sufficient quantities of vitamin of B6 are not taken it results in anemia and various skin diseases. Symptoms of deficiency of vitamin B12 are fatigue, weakness, diarrhea, nerve damage, loss of balance etc.

vitamin b

Vitamin C

Symptoms vary from scurvy, failure of the body joints due to failure of cartilage and tendons, blood vessel break open, teeth are weak and they fall out, immune system deteriorates. Swollen or painful joints and bones are also detected.

vitamin c

Vitamin D

Symptoms range from rickets in children which causes weak muscles and prolonged tooth development and also results in soft bones. In adults it causes osteomalacia which can cause the bones to brake or fracture easily.

vitamin d

Vitamin E

The deficiency in vitamin E are rare, Symptoms include nausea, anemia, loss of appetite, degeneration of vision due to the retina, lack of muscle movements, digestive tract problems like liver or gallbladder problems.

vitamin e

Vitamin K

Symptoms with deficiency in vitamin K include bleeding or bruising from injury. Presence of blood while one vomits, urinates or in stools. The clothing of blood takes a long time than usual. The sturdiness of the bones is lost and is easily susceptible to fractures.

vitamin k

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This is not a very common deficiency. This deficiency is caused because of food, in the intestine. The common symptoms are nails which are very fragile, hair which is thin and easily breakable because of which one can witness a complete loss of hair, dryness of the skin especially in the facial area.

Depression, nausea, loss of hunger, vomiting, insomnia, fatigue or intense tiredness because of impaired generation of energy; pain in the muscle or cramps due to physical action indicate the absence of this vitamin. Besides that, there are lots of nervo-muscular signs, such as seizures, lack of sensation, and movements identified by absence of muscle tone.

biotin food


Symptoms include decreased blood levels of VLDL which is used in the transportation of fats to the liver. It also leads to a drastic rise in the level of homocysteine, which will lead to further complications like heart disease, circulatory issues and other cardio disorders.

choline foods

Folic Acid

Symptoms range from gastrointestinal tract problems, increased level of homocysteine in the blood that can lead to problems for the heart, swelling in the tongue, redness of the tongue, and other neural deficiency that can result in severe brain or neurological damage of the fetus.

folic acid

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