Anorexia And The Toll It Takes On The Body

Anorexia maybe classified as a mental health disorder, but it is a condition that takes a very heavy toll on the body indeed. When left untreated, the long term consequences of anorexia are as grim as they are multiple, and so it is essential that the sufferer is prepared to actually seek out professional support for their disease.

Therein lies one of the most tragic and heart-rendering features of the disease, due to its highly insidious nature, many sufferers of it will deny that they have a problem, and/or will go to extreme lengths to disguise what they are doing from people.

Due to the fact that the body is not getting enough iron in it, this means that the direct correlation between the presence of anorexia, and the development of anemia. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that an anorexia sufferer should seek to increase the level of iron in their diet, preferably, from animal sources (which in medical parlance are referred to as heme sources).

Another common side effect of the condition is that the sufferer will suffer from significant and extensive osteoporosis, the health condition whereby the density of the bones of the victim are greatly reduced thereby making them far more susceptible to fractures and breakage with minimal pressure.

For this reason a significant increase in the amount of calcium in the diet is strongly recommended as well, if only to to prevent further damage from arising. One side effect sustained by anorexia is that the sufferer will typically force themselves to vomit and this in turn will over a period of time, damage their teeth. Calcium will help to reduce the damage caused.

Cayenne pepper can be, and often is, used to help better treat the negative effects that anorexia has on the digestive system as a whole, helping to soothe and neutralise stomach cramps as they arise, whilst at the same time neatly ensuring that the sufferer is able to finally enjoy a reduction in the cramps and bloating that the condition has caused them.

Fenugreek is also important as it will help to stimulate the appetite of the victim once more.

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