5 Anti Cancer Diets For Brain Cancer Treatment

We all know that brain cancer tends to affect the different parts of the body negatively, but slowly throughout the different stages. Although this looks scary, the good news is that each patient with diagnosed brain cancer can survive irrespective of the stage through proper anti cancer diet as a part of the brain cancer treatment.

anti cancer diet

Along with medications, proper diet is essential for the brain tumor survivors according to the experts, as the body need nutrition for fighting with the condition to increase the survival rate.

Moreover, it has been proved that anti cancer diet has the power to fight with the symptoms of the ailment and with the after effects of the brain cancer treatment such as diarrhea and fatigue. Therefore, let us check out the anti cancer diet for treating brain cancer.

Have Healthy Fats For Brain Cancer Treatment

Good fats are essential for maintaining the adequate body weight during the cruel chemo therapy. It is true that one should avoid saturated fats present in animal food and dairy, as that can lead to inflammation. However, having healthy oils such as the one from olive that have Omega-9 fats is essential to stir up the immune system as well as to alleviate inflammation according to the National Brain Tumor Foundation. In addition, the omega-3 fats have the power to alleviate tumor resistance due to which they are required for an effective brain cancer treatment. You can find these fats in flax seed oil.

omega 3 fats

Increase Fiber Intake For Brain Cancer Treatment

Your anti cancer diet during the brain cancer treatment must include fiber rich foods such as fresh fruits, legumes, whole flax seeds, and raw vegetables. Generally, during the brain cancer treatment, diarrhea or constipation is common. Therefore, having more fibers through an anti cancer diet aids in overcoming these problems.

Further, proper amount of fiber assists in controlling blood sugars, triglyceride levels, lower cholesterol, and side effects of chemotherapy. As a suggestion, increase both the fiber as well as fluid intake for better results. For this, you must drink 10 glasses of water daily to prevent fatigue, avoid caffeinated drinks for averting exhaustion, and have herbal tea without much sugar for overall health.

fibre rich food

Consider Having Phytonutrients

According to the National Brain Tumor Foundation, phytonutrients tend to carry immune boosting as well as anti tumor properties due to which it is necessary to include them in the anti cancer diet. These phytonutrients are present in high amounts in broccoli, soy milk, berries, tofu, kale, green tea, cauliflower, and kale.


Decrease The Amount Of Refined Sugar

According to the National Brain Tumor Foundation, the tumor cells of brain cancer absorb at least 10 times more sugar that curbs the immune response as well as boost inflammation. Therefore, the less sugared items must be included in the anti cancer diet for the brain cancer treatment. In fact, the experts suggest the whole grain products such as millet, spelt, quinoa, and amaranth; naturally sweet vegetables; and fruits for restraining sugar craving.

refined sugar

Explore The Unique Ketogenic Diet

This is Low-Carb, High-Fat anti cancer diet that has the power to hinder the tumor growth in the brain, according to the Boston College biologists. Such a sugar-free diet has more fats and fewer carbohydrates due to which the cancer cells find it difficult to function (such cells need more carbs such as sugar). Do consult a dietician for this type of diet.

Ketogenic Diet

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