Are Healthy Diet Foods Really Healthy?

When looking at products in your local grocery store that are labeled healthy, low-fat, fat free, lean and low calorie, it is important to know that these items may not really be healthy for you. Following a healthy diet is exploited by manufacturers of many foods. You should always read the nutritional labels and ingredients in healthy diet foods to know what exactly you are eating.

Diet Beverages

Why drinking the sugar free version of beverages might seem like a good idea, oftentimes the beverage has an artificial sweetener added in place of corn syrup and sugar. These artificial sweeteners have been studied for years and most of them actually increase your risk for certain cancers. Some people even have intolerance to some of these artificial sweeteners, too. Rather you should drink plenty of water, fresh squeezed fruit juices and skim milk. You can even drink an occasional cup of coffee or hot herbal tea. Instead of using sugar as a sweetener, you can use a little bit of honey.

Dairy Products

Most dairy products can be high in fat when they are made from whole milk. However, skim milk and dairy products made from skim milk contain no fat. You can find cheeses, yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese all made from skim milk that is naturally fat free. These products contain all the beneficial vitamins and minerals found in the whole milk products but without all the added fats.

Reduced Fat or Fat Free Products

While these items can seem enticing when following a healthy diet, be aware that while these products do contain less amounts of fats or no fat, the manufacturer has to add other ingredients to add flavor. They can load the products up with sodium and other man-made chemicals that are not good for you.

Low Calorie Products

Products labeled as low calorie items are similar to low fat or fat free products. The manufacturer had to reduce the amount of sugar and other normal ingredients to reduce the amount of calories. Instead they could contain artificial sweeteners and chemical additives to enhance the flavor.

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