Article: Home remedies for Parasites that infest the intestines

There are four kinds of parasites

The intestines are sometimes infested by parasites, which trouble the patient. The most commonly noticed parasites in India are: threadworm, tapeworm, hookworm and the roundworm. They exist in the intestines because they find a congenial climate for their growth which again is the result of wrong type of feeding which most people indulges in. patients suffering from these worms generally acquire a voracious appetite, but in spite of massive quantities of food they take in, there is no gain the weight. Sometimes they are pale and sickly and, therefore, gloomy. Infants and young children are likely to be irritated all the time and are prone to throw tantrums at the slightest excuse.

The most common and the least harmful parasite infesting the intestines is the threadworm, or enterobius vermicularis. When they are expelled from the anus, they tend to create uncontrollable itch and the patient is forced to scratch his anus. They are small, thread like creatures, which can be noticed in the stools of children. The hookworm and the tapeworm reassemble earthworms: they are, fortunately, less common in our country than threadworms.


It is the dirty habits, like eating food without washing your hands, putting the finger first in the nostril then in the mouth, eating contaminated food, scratching the anus and then eating food without thoroughly washing your hands, using underwear worn by a person suffering from threadworms, constipation, and mucus in the stools, which encourage the parasites to infest the intestines.

Parasites treatment

Traditional medicine depends on drugs to kill the parasites; they may give temporary relief, but that is more likely to harm the digestive processes and create other complications. Naturopathy, on the other hand, aims at strengthening the intestines so that they can purge themselves of the parasites. The stools of a child suspected to be suffering from threadworms could be examined visually: in some cases they would be found sticking to the anus of the child.

Treatment of threadworm-infested patient must start with cleanliness. A child suffering from it should be administered a warm water enema to which juice of half a fresh lime has been added. It should be followed by administration of about 50 to 100 militres of coconut oil with the help of a syringe through the anus. The child should be asked to strain himself at the time of passing the stools.

Home remedies for parasites - The best course would be to start the treatment with fasting: if the young patient or his mother cavils at it, he should be administered fruit juice or clear vegetables soup mixed with water. Lukewarm enema must be given during the treatment both in the morning and evening. Enema would help expel mucus and threadworms from the intestines. Bedclothes of the patient must be aired in the sun every day and he should stay in a well-ventilated room.

If the child is walking he should be encouraged to fast for two days followed by a diet of fruits and boiled vegetables for five to six days. Raw vegetables like carrot, cucumber and onions can be given in addition to tomatoes. Mil and cereals should be totally avoided. Potatoes roasted over the coals and raisins soaked in water could also be given. After that the patient could be allowed porridge or gruel. When he has started taking cereals, milk should not be given to him not lentils. This is one of the natural remedy for parasites.

Cold compresses and mudpack applied from the navel to the pubes can also help in the initial stages of the parasites treatment. Juice of garlic could also be taken recourse to since it kills the parasites without harming the patient. This is one of the best home remedy for parasites.

This course of treatment could help in dealing with disease like the enlargement of a spleen, hepatitis low fever, goiter, mumps, discharge of pus from the ear and swollen eyes in children.

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