Autism Symptoms and How to Spot Them

Autism is a group of developmental disorders that can cause communication and social interaction problems. The disorder has recently become more common and millions of children are living with it today. It is important to diagnose the child as early as possible. The disorder will be easier to control and make the child’s life more pleasant. Knowing what the autism symptoms are will help you determine if the child has the neural disorder.

The most common autism symptom to look for is communication problems. Many children start to show this symptom around the age of six months. If they show no signs of communication and interaction, it may be a problem. A child that has autism may not even speak until after the age of two. Also, an autistic child may forget simple words or sentence structure after a period of time. The child may also repeat words and phrases, but does not use them in the correct way. Not being able to hold a conversation is another autism symptom.

An autism symptom that goes right along with the communication skills is lack of social skills. The child may act out in a violent or aggressive way when put into a social situation. The child may also become increasingly frustrated and try to avoid others at all costs. Aggression and frustration the the biggest signs of poor social interaction skills. There are other social skills that a child with autism may lack. If the child does not listen when you are speaking to the child or even say his name or if the child does not use eye contact it could be an autism symptom. Another social autism symptom is when the child resists any form of affection and also is unaware of others feelings.

There are many autism symptoms that are related to behavior. An autistic child will likely do many repetitive motions. Hand slapping, rocking and spinning are common repetitive things an autistic child will do. Routine and rituals are a very common autism symptom. The child will also become very upset and frustrated if the routine is not followed. A autistic child will also have increased sensitivity to touch and sound. Autistic children are very organized and set in there ways. If anything throws this off, the child will become very disturbed and upset.

There are many different autism symptoms that you can look for in children. Some may exude a few, while others may just have one symptom. There are many different levels of severity in autism, so not every child will have the same signs. Know what to look for and if you think your child may have some autistic characteristics, speak with your doctor.

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