Avoiding High Cholesterol Foods

The best prevention for high cholesterol is to avoid high cholesterol foods. Unfortunately for most of us this may be difficult because these foods tend to be the ones that we prefer because they taste the best.

The food that most of us know about is butter. Butter is used in just about everything to add flavor. Butter tastes better than margarine. But butter is full of saturated fats and oils which cause high cholesterol. The best thing to do if use butter in moderation and find a substitute that comes close that is lower in saturated fats and oils.

Meats that have a lot of fat of them cause high cholesterol. BBQ rips, beef roasts, pork roasts, sausages, ham, bacon, and steaks with marbled fat all taste good. But they are all high cholesterol foods. Other meats that are not good are livers, hearts, or any other organ that is consumed. Even though poultry is a nice lean meat to consume, most of us also like the crispy chicken skin. The chicken skin is not healthy and causes high cholesterol.

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There are even more high cholesterol foods that may be one of your favorites. Egg yolks are considered to cause high cholesterol. Most of us that eat the entire egg also eat it with one of the bad meats like bacon, and then add butter to our toast. Dairy products such as cheese, ice cream, heavy cream and whole milk all can cause high cholesterol. Soups that have a cream base are also on the list of high cholesterol foods.

Then there are sweets and snacks that can cause high cholesterol. Snacks such as cakes, potato chips, donuts, pastries, and cookies should all be avoided. Then there are all of the favorite deep fried foods that can cause high cholesterol, too. These include any foods deep fried in oil, such as chicken, French fries, mozzarella sticks, mushrooms, fish, shrimp, and any other food that can be deep fried should also be avoided.

It is alright to consume these foods in moderation, once in a while, but they should not be your main diet.

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