Back Hair Removal Naturally

Back Hair Removal

Adults, men and women, are affected by body hair they want to get rid of. Men tend to get body hair and lots on their backs. Back hair removal is a common occurrence and has gained acceptance as a grooming practice.Body hair, especially on the back can be an annoyance to men. It causes excessive sweating in hot, humid weather, dirt and dust build up and most back hair has an unattractive appearance. Body builders, swimmers and bike riders remove excessive body hair when competing. In body builders the back is a prominent area. By back hair removal there is more definition to the muscles.


With today’s technology there are several ways to remove back hair.  Electrolysis is a method that involves inserting a fine needle into the root of the hair and burning it out. Laser hair removal is the process that uses a light at varying wave lengths to target follicles and retard growth of new hair.


Shaving is the most common method used. A major drawback is this is a short term method. Choosing this method, shaving would be performed two to four times a week.

Creams and lotions

Creams and lotions are available in pharmacies and drug stores. They are chemical compounds designed to melt hair away. Chemicals may not always react favorably with the body.


The natural ways of back hair removal might be the best. Waxing is applying hot wax to the hair that needs to be removed, laying a nylon sheet over each part of this area pulling the hair out in chunks. Hair removing wax is available at a beauty supply store or drug store.


The natural back hair removal remedy is Sugaring. This hair removing paste can be made at home with simple ingredients. Mix together one cup sugar, one-quarter cup honey and juice from one-half a lemon. Mix thoroughly. Microwave the mixture on high for one minute. If wax is runny it is too hot. Let cool. Spread on area to be waxed. Use cotton strips to pull wax off. Cotton strips could be made from a kitchen towel trying to use 100% cotton material. Store unused wax in an air-tight container and reheat the wax to use.

Back Hair Removal Naturally

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