Benefits of partial knee replacement for knee arthritis

Knee arthritis is an extremely problematic disease to contend with, and in short, it can have a profoundly unpleasant and detrimental impact on the quality of the life of the victim. Unfortunately, one of the most worrying features of knee arthritis is that it will steadily get worse as time goes on and the reason for this is that it will directly damage and weaken the “cement” of the joint, the cartilage. As this crumbles and becomes weakened with the passage of time, this will cause more pain, more discomfort and more inflammation of the joint. Furthermore, the joint will begin to deform and buckle under the weight of the person and so this will make surgical intervention all the more difficult.

One of the primary methods of dealing with knee arthritis, joint replacement surgery has proven to be a rather tricky and controversial subject of its own in that it will provide the patient with some measure of relief….for a temporary period of time at least. Unfortunately, the lifespan and durability of the prosthetic joint is not guaranteed and so the latest and most advanced models only last for ten years.

Factor in concerns such as the risk of amputation, infection, limited wound healing and the highly destructive nature of the operation itself, and you have a serious problem on your hands.

Partial knee joint replacement has become more commonplace and has enjoyed a significant amount of interest, due to a number of benefits.

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What are the benefits of partial knee replacement?

The surgical incision to the area, as well as the amount of bone that is actually required to be removed from the body are greatly reduced. This in turn means that the patient will lose a much smaller amount of blood which in turn means that the need for a blood transfusion is effectively eliminated outright.

This procedure will also allow for a much shorter time spent in hospital, and there will be little to no need for the patient to actually attend as an in-patient to the physical therapy department of the hospital as the joint is not that weak or unstable.

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