4 Best Diabetic Foods For Lunch

Diabetic Foods For Lunch

Diabetic Foods For Lunch

Diabetic diet plays a crucial role in the life of the patient suffering from diabetes. In fact, planning for a diabetes menu for all three meals on a regular basis is imperative for such patients. When it comes to diabetes menu planning for lunch, you need to ensure controlled blood sugar levels.According to the experts, one must choose diabetic foods for lunch is such a way that they control the intake of carbohydrates, which in turn, is essential for regulating the sugar levels.

Therefore, your diabetic diet for lunch must include limited grams of carbohydrates.It is advisable to speak to your doctor for knowing the total grams although the American Diabetes Association recommends 45 to 60 grams. You can measure your carbohydrate intake by using the food label that reveals total grams per serving size.Apart from the carbohydrate control, you must also ensure that diabetic foods for lunch keep on changing by including vegetables and legumes, but the meal must be taken at the same time daily for better results. Let us now look at the different diabetic foods that can be a part of the diabetes menu for lunch.

Salads As Diabetic Food


These entrees always have a special place in the meals for almost all diseases including the diabetic diet. According to the American Diabetes Association, a diabetes menu or diabetic diet for lunch must include non-starchy vegetables daily (around four to five servings a day). Keeping this in mind, salad is the best idea to fulfill the vegetable requirements.Experts recommend having a salad that includes the greens such as romaine lettuce, coriander, or spinach as well as non-starchy vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Not forgetting the importance of low-fat diabetic foods, low-fat dressing is essential. In case you are eating in a restaurant, request for the dressing on the side and have it little by little with each bite to regulate the calorie intake.

Vegetable Soups As Diabetic Food

Vegetable Soup

For the soup lovers suffering from diabetes, there is good news. You can now daily plan for different soups in your diabetes menu for lunch. However, make sure that such soups include non-starchy vegetables so that you can meet your vegetable needs if you do not like salads. Moreover, soups are more filling than salads. To give the protein touch, add cheese to it.If you want to have carbohydrate-rich soup so that you need not prepare other diabetic foods, prefer adding rice, noodles, or starchy vegetables. Alternatively, beans and lentils can be added for consuming proteins, but they also offer 15g of carbohydrates if you add half a cup.

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Whole Grain Crackers As Diabetic Food

Whole Grain Crackers

If you have had simple soup and salad as the starter diabetic foods in lunch, know that it is a carbohydrate-free diabetic diet. Therefore, you need to have a balanced lunch by having one fruit along with 10 crackers of whole grain. Each serving of four to six crackers offers 15g of carbohydrates, but you still need to check the label for verification.

Whole Grain Sandwich As Diabetic Food

Whole Grain Sandwich

Alternative to the crackers, a whole grain sandwich is among the quick diabetic foods or instant diabetes menus for lunch. The best part is that each slice of such bread offers 15g of carbohydrates on which you can put low-fat mayo spread, cheese for proteins, and some vegetables. As a tip, your diabetic diet for lunch can be the whole grain sandwich with green salad.


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