4 Best Remedies For Oral Mucositis

Oral Mucositis

Oral mucositis is the cause of radiotherapy and chemotherapy in almost all of the cancer patients. The inflammation and swelling of the tissues of the mouth are indicative of this problem called oral mucositis. There are other mucositis like gastrointestinal mucositis which may occur in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, oral mucositis being one of the most common.

The main symptoms which may indicate the occurrence of oral mucositis may include one or all of the following: pain, sores, infection, bleeding in the mouth. In most cases, oral mucositis is a common side effect of the therapies and relaxes by itself gradually with time. But there are many remedies which can be followed in order to cure the inflammation and ulcerations caused by oral mucositis, some of which are discussed here.

Various Remedies For Oral Mucositis

Regular Brushing Of Teeth


In case of oral mucositis, a person should reschedule and take care of his/her brushing regime. Brushing of teeth atleast 4-5 times a day or after every four hours is mandatory in order to retain the moisture in the mouth and prevent the infection which may otherwise occur due to lack of moisture.

Brushing of teeth at bed time is also necessary excluding all the other times of the day. This will help eliminate the accumulation of bad bacteria in the mouth while sleeping and will help prevent infection.

Mouth Rinsing And Floss


Rinsing your mouth at regular intervals during the day is also a good remedy to cure oral mucositis. Floss is also important oral healthcare tip which should be followed strictly in case of oral mucositis for avoiding irritation in the gums. There are a variety of mouth wash solutions available in the markets.

One can use the readymade mouth washes or can also make some mouthwash solutions at home. A solution of salt and water in the ratio 1:4 is one of the best mouthwashes. A 1:1 ratio of baking soda and water solution is also helpful in cleaning the mouth and reduce the inflammation.

Intake Of Supplements And Vitamins


There are some vitamins and supplements which may treat oral mucositis. These supplements are available readily in market and can be taken as per the directions given by the physician.

Some vitamins and supplements include Iodine, Kaolin, Glutamine, German Chamomile, and Hyaluronic Acid. All these supplements are very useful and effective in treating the soreness, inflammation and swelling inside the mouth.

Ice Cubes And Sugarless Candies

Ice Cubes

In most cases of oral mucositis, Doctor suggests the patient to suck some cubes of ice. As a result of the chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the mouth tends to dry. Sucking of ice cubes prevents the mouth from drying and retains the moisture inside the mouth.

Similarly, the patient can also suck sugarless candies or sugarless gums so that the saliva production in the mouth is optimum. If these remedies do not have effect on the dryness, the doctor often prescribes artificial saliva producers to keep your mouth moisturised.

Preventive measures play a major role in treating oral mucositis. Because we all know that prevention is always better than cure. Less intake of sugar items, spices, hot food, citrus food should be done in order to prevent oral mucositis because these foods aggravate the inflammation and soreness in the mouth.

4 Best Remedies For Oral Mucositis

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