5 Treatments For Blackheads

5 Treatments For Blackheads


Blackhead is a type of acne, which occurs due to excessive production of oil on the skin. Blackheads occur in the form of dark brown colored spots on the skin, which give an ugly look of the face.Though blackheads do not cause any harmful impact on the skin, but they hinder the beauty of the skin. Blackheads occur deep inside the pores of the skin, and need to be removed with extreme care and proper skin care. In this article, we shall give you a few effective tips to get rid of blackheads from the skin.

Top 5 Tips To Treat Blackheads

Cleansing Lotion

Cleansing Lotion For Blackheads

You should choose a gentle cleanser to clean your face every day. Use of drying or irritating cleansers on the skin should be avoided.The face should be cleansed with the cleanser twice daily to get rid of dust and dirt, consequently avoiding the pores from getting clogged. This would help in treating blackheads, and preventing their future formation.


Glue For Blackheads

Glue can also be used to treat blackheads. First of all, you need to take steam on the face, so that the pores of the skin open up. This would ease the process of getting rid of blackheads. Thereafter, apply glue on the area where there are blackheads. Let the glue dry completely, before removing it out. You would be able to get rid of blackheads in a very simple manner with the help of this home remedy.

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Exfoliating Scrub

Exfoliating Scrub For Blackheads

Make use of gentle exfoliating scrub to get rid of dead skin. You can also use a homemade scrub of oatmeal and honey for the scrubbing process. The scrub should be massaged on the skin for around 2-3 minutes, before rinsing the face with lukewarm water, followed by rinsing it off with cold water.The scrubbing process should be carried out at least twice a week to get rid of blackheads. Also, the health of the skin would be improved, with the help of regular scrubbing process.

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Toothbrush and toothpaste can also be used for treating blackheads. Apply toothpaste on the tooth brush and scrub the affected area of the skin with it for a few minutes. Practice this remedy regularly for a few days and you would be able to get a clean and clear skin, free of blackheads. Make sure that both the toothbrush and the affected skin are wet before the treatment is carried out.

Comedone Extractor

Comedone Extractor

Comedone extractor can be used for pulling out the blackheads from deep inside the skin. First of all, place a warm wash cloth for around 3-4 minutes over the area where you want to use the comedone extractor.Thereafter, pat the area dry, and press the comedone extractor down over blackhead, while pulling it forward instantly. Press the area around the blackhead in a gentle manner, so as to avoid any and tearing of the skin. This is a very good home based blackhead treatment, and can be practiced once in a week to get blackhead free skin.

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