10 High Cholesterol Foods You Should Strictly Avoid


Learn more about how these foods can secretly make way into your diet and elevate your cholesterol levels. Stay away from these 10 dangerous foods and substitute them for other healthier options.

List of High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

Egg Yolk

If eggs are a part of your breakfast everyday, or if you are a die-hard fan of that sunny-side up eggs, you should be extra cautious. Egg yolk is loaded with cholesterol.

10 High Cholesterol Foods You Should Strictly Avoid

A single yolk contains 210mg of cholesterol-definitely not good for your heart. Skip the yolks and live with the whites if you love your eggs a lot.


Since the manufacture of cholesterol takes place in the liver, liver and foods cooked with liver are rich in cholesterol. It should be totally avoided if you wish to control your cholesterol levels in a shot.


Butter is everywhere, in your cookies, your cake and your stir fry’s. And who doesn’t love butter? But as much as you do, 100 gm butter is loaded with 243 mg of cholesterol.


A mere 100 g of shrimps contain 195 mg of cholesterol, which if you see everyday on your plate, will elevate your cholesterol.

10 High Cholesterol Foods You Should Strictly Avoid

However, there’s a lot of controversy regarding this one. Some studies now reveal that it’s good for you despite the cholesterol levels. The bottom-line is-indulge in moderation.


Bad news for all you cheese lovers out there. Yes, cheese is high in cholesterol and just a little bit of it can also raise your cholesterol levels enough to be noticeable. Watch out for generous helpings of cheese in the pastas and pizzas you order. Opt for pizzas full of fresh vegetables and try pastas that have tomato based sauces.

Processed Meat

Cured meats and processed meat, especially the red meat is BAD and literally in bold letters, it is VERY BAD for your cholesterol levels. You definitely should consider avoiding this one. Sausages, lamb and duck are the most dangerous ones.

Junk Foods

10 High Cholesterol Foods You Should Strictly Avoid

Processed foods, loaded with oil and other trans fats, undergo exhaustive processing to make them available fresh to you all throughout the year and it is this processing that saps the valuable vitamins and minerals out of them leaving you with nothing but more toxins in your body.

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This one is a total bomb. This means you can’t have that yummy looking pastry in the bakery you just passed by. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, and cant resist the look of that ice-cream, opt for low fat versions or even better, try frozen yogurt. It’s even easy to create a vanilla yogurt ice ream at home. It tastes the same and has health benefits in more ways than one.


10 High Cholesterol Foods You Should Strictly Avoid

The fish in the tin may be an easy meal to make, but it can have serious effects on your cholesterol levels. Tunas and sardines in oil can be replaced by those in brine or tomato paste.

Fish Roe

Caviar or fish roe is an item of luxury on your plate, no doubt. But at the cost of your health? Think twice. Just a tablespoon packs 94 mg of cholesterol.


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