10 Natural Cures For Human Tapeworms


10 Natural Cures For Human Tapeworms

Anti-parasitic drugs are referred by most doctors to prevent human tapeworms. However, treating the condition naturally with the following remedies is also a good option because they do not affect intestinal flora and prevent harsh chemicals from entering the body.

Black Walnut Rind

Black Walnut For Human Tapeworms

The green rind of black walnuts contains tannin which is a strong astringent. Tannins tones up the intestine and heals it in addition to balancing intestinal flora. Tannins also stimulate bowels. All these healing activities mean an inhospitable environment for the tapeworms to grow. The tapeworms easily loose grip over the intestine and are flushed away due to increased bowel activity. Black walnut rind is easy to find in medical or food stores. If you grow it yourself then consume 2 to 3 teaspoonful of fresh rind or 1.5g of dried fruit rind.


Besides keeping cholesterol levels and blood pressure at normal, garlic also keeps viruses and bacteria at bay. Garlic’s antibiotic properties are found to have preventive action against various strains such as Ascaris, Trypanosoma, Giardia lamblia, leishmania and plasmodium. You can take garlic in capsule form or eat the cloves.

Garlic For Human Tapeworms


Hydrastis Canadensis better known as goldenseal is an effective cure for infections of mucus membrane as well as respiratory tract. Goldenseal contains berberine that fights Plasmodium, Entamoeba histolytica and giardia lamblia.

Goldenseal For Human Tapeworms


Wormwood (Artemesia annua) is a herb used since ancient times to fight intestinal parasites such as Ascaris, Giardia and Plasmodium. The active constituent of wormwood – sesquiterpene lactones – weakens the membranes of the parasites. Wormwood can be brewed into tea or can be taken capsule form. It should be remembered that pure wormwood oil is toxic.

Wormwood For Human Tapeworms


This herbal remedy has been used since ancient times, mostly in tropical regions, to fight against tapeworms, hookworms and roundworms. Pure wormseed oil should not be used. Instead it can be brewed into tea.

Wormseed For Human Tapeworms

Grapefruit Seed

It has effective anti-yeast and anti-microbial properties thatfight against tapeworms. Its liquid extract is easily available in medicinal stores.

Grapefruit Seed For Human Tapeworms

Pumpkin Seeds

Raw pumpkin seeds have been used since ancient times in Germany and China to expel tapeworms from body. Depending on the severity of the condition, the dosage may vary from moderate (6 ounces) to large (13 ounces) amounts. To enhance the taste you can add honey or milk to the seeds.

Pumpkin Seeds For Human Tapeworms


Its active ingredient papain is a proteolytic enzyme that helps in the conversion of protein to peptides and amino acids. Papaya has been used against parasites including tapeworms since ancient times. Papain is active against the protein structure of the parasites such as tapeworms and hence help the body get rid of these parasites easily and naturally.

Papaya For Human Tapeworms


Tapeworm cleansing should be backed up by strict dietary routine. You should restrict the consumption of coffee, alcohol, refined sugar as well as refine foods. But these should be totally avoided till you are completely relieved of tapeworms. Include foods rich in beta carotene such as sweet potatoes and carrot in your diet.

Beta carotene prevents larvae penetration by increasing body resistance. Zinc and Vitamin C should also be included in the diet for a strong immune system. Probiotics help in rebuilding benign intestinal bacteria. Turmeric also fights against human tapeworms and other such parasites.

Diet For Human Tapeworms

Colon Cleanse

The above mentioned remedies should be followed by colon cleanse. It is customary to weaken the tapeworms in the intestine so that get expelled instantly. This can be done with the help of laxative herbs and enemas. Colon cleansing is mostly done by bentonite clay, psyllium husk and cayenne pepper.

Colon Cleanse For Human Tapeworms