11 Effective Homeopathic Remedies For Senile Dementia

treat Senile Dementia naturally Senile dementia may lead to Alzheimer’s disease at a later stage. Besides the conventional treatment for senile dementia, there are certain homeopathic remedies for the same.
However, these homeopathic remedies are not clinically tested. So, a licensed homeopath’s advice is customary before trying any of these homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathic Remedies For Senile Dementia


Alumina for Senile Dementia

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Those patients of senile dementia who cannot properly express themselves or their thoughts and ideas and are consistent with mistakes while writing or speaking should be given doses of Alumina. It is also helpful for patients who panic easily and are in a constant state of identity confusion. Patients exhibiting lethargy, dry skin, anxiousness and slow movements would find relief with Alumina.

Ambra Grisea

Ambra Grisea FOR Senile Dementia

Ambra Grisea is helpful for those with confusion, lack of comprehension power, fear of strangers and forgetfulness. This is also helpful for those people suffering from senile dementia who consistently ask questions without getting their replies.

Baryta Carbonica

Baryta Carbonica FOR senile dementia

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Baryta Carbonicum is also helpful for patients with improper functioning of the circulatory system. Most elderly people suffering from senile dementia behave in a childish manner and fail miserably in making decisions owing to mental impairment. This condition is accompanied with shyness, anxiety and weight gain.

Carbo Vegetalis

Carbo Vegetalis for Senile Dementia

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Also known as the Corpse Reviver, carbo vegetalis is helpful for patients in their late stage of senile dementia. It reduces irritability, emotional lethargy and physical sluggishness. In fact, carbo vegetalis triggers the desire to learn new things and live life anew in the patients, thereby improving mental functioning.

Hellebores Niger

Hellebores Niger FOR Senile Dementia

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If the patient shows severe mental dullness, weak memory, poor vision, poor hearing power and poor concentration power then Hellebores Niger can be helpful for him/her. Hellebores Niger is also known as Black Hellebore and Christmas Rose.


Lycopodium for Senile Dementia

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Elderly people showing symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia should be treated with lycopodium. Also, lycopodium is helpful for patients who make silly mistakes while reading, writing or even speaking. Patients who show signs of fear for death, fear for failure, lack in self confidence and tyranny over rest of the family should be treated with lycopodium.

Lycopodium consists of an alkaloid (also found in Huperzia Serrata – a Chinese herb) that improves cognitive functions as well as memory of elderly patients.


natural treatment with Conium

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Patients of senile dementia showing signs of shyness, depression and fear of loneliness should resort to conium. It not only cures memory loss but also relieves mental confusion by improving cognitive functions of the brain. Conium, generally, boosts the concentration power in people.


Phosphorus for senile dementia

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Phosphorus improves blood circulation thereby decreasing the chances of artherosclerosis by increasing flow of blood to the brain. It boosts cognitive functions and reduces memory loss. Also, phosphorus aids the patient in overcoming fear of death.

People complaining of absent-mindedness, daydreaming, confusion, anguish, etc. should resort to phosphorus as a treatment. Patients of senile dementia often complain of tired or exhausted brain. In this case, phosphorus can help come out of this feeling.

Nux Moschata

Nux Moschata for senile dementia

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Symptoms associated with senile dementia such as dry mouth, drying mucus membrane, memory deficiency and drowsiness can be treated with Nux Moschata.

Secale Cornatum

Secale Cornatum for Senile Dementia

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This is helpful for emaciated patients who exhibit impairment of cognitive functions and memory loss.


selenium for senile dementia

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Often senile dementia is associated with overall weakness and liver enlargement. In such a case, doses of selenium can be helpful for the patient.