2 Important Essentials To Strengthen One’s Bones

All of us wish we have strong bones so as to be active and prevent ourselves from various problems like osteoporosis and stiffness of joints. This wish can easily be fulfilled if one takes care to include calcium and exercise in one’s daily life.

Take calcium regularly, especially as you grow older and older. Osteoporosis is the culprit that can robe you of leading a healthy and full life. It has been found that when one reaches 70, one tends to have brittle bones. A fall would mean not only bruises but even fractures that are very difficult to heal and could hamper living a full life thereafter.  So it is essential to stop losing of bones and to strengthen the bones by taking calcium in the form of a pill or in form of low fat dairy products.

It is essential for all women who have attained menopause and men over the age of 65 to have at least 1300mg of calcium every day. Hence one should take care to get the calcium required in the form of diet or diet supplements.

Exercise forms the next essential to have strong bones. Do exercises regularly to protect and strengthen your bones as you grow up. It is essential to follow the rule that we should be mobile. If one finds it difficult to do or allot specific time for exercise one should keep oneself physically active.

Exercise or physical activity, where you have to carry one’s weight around has been found to strengthen bones. Simple exercises like a brisk walk, climbing stairs instead of using the elevator can help one to not only strengthen bones but also make one feel physically stable and secure.

Hence, one should remember to take one’s daily requirement of calcium and exercise regularly to strengthen one’s bones.  Once, a person has strong bones, one need not fear severe damage to one’s bones and he will be able to feel more confident of oneself and will not fear stumbling or falling. Calcium and exercise are the essentials which helps one get such a feeling.

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