4 Essential Home Remedies For Winter Skin Care


Come winter and almost everybody suffers from the problem of dry skin. Chapped lips, itchy elbows and a T bone crying out loud for help are just some of the many areas on your body that are affected by the winter chill.Winter skin care is not a luxury any more and a necessity if you want to ensure that your skin remains smooth and well-oiled throughout the winter.

winter skin care

Here are a few home remedies for winter skin care that are simple and will go a long way in keeping you smiling throughout winter.

Remedies For Winter Skin Care

 No Long Showers

Granted you are tired after a long day and want to soothe those aching muscles. But, you absolutely need to shorten those long hot steamy showers. They will dehydrate you and force the moisture out of your body. For taking care of you skin in winter, its essential that your body retains moisture.

So, for the purpose of winter skin care, it’s essential that you take short showers that too with warm water. Also, after the shower, you mustn’t rub yourself dry, but pat dry.

cold shower

 Apply Moisturizers Regularly

If its winter and you are looking for a home remedy for winter skin care, then nothing could get better than a moisturizer. Some people are prone to using, expensive cosmetics to take care of their skin. But, even something as affordable as petroleum jelly can help trap the moisture in your body.

The essential thing is your body needs to keep hydrated and for this you also need to keep drinking water, so that your body is kept moisturized from the inside.


No Heavy Soaps

You love that deodorant soap or that soap, which proclaims to get rid of the all the germs on your body. But, have you ever considered the toll it takes on your skin? This is an all the more important consideration during winters. You shouldn’t use heavy soaps that rid the skin of all the essential oils.

So, for the sake of winter skin care, forgo those scented soaps for the winter months and stick to the unscented or lightly scented soaps that are low on the chemical content, to keep your skin dewy.


 Take Care Of Your Chapped Lips

There are many people who take good care of their skin, but forget about the chapped lips that are an outcome of the action of the dry winter atmosphere on the lips. You need to show the same kind of appreciation for your lips and as you show for the rest of your body. So, it’s important that you adopt a few natural options for taking care of them. They can be as simple as not licking them constantly and applying lip balms regularly.

As can be seen, these home remedies for winter skin care are not difficult to follow and all it requires is that you remember to use them, when winter comes calling. Ensuring that you remember these tips means that your skin will remain hydrated throughout the cold winter months.

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