4 Skin Care Tips That Skiers Should Follow


Who does not want to ski when there is sunny weather, blue sky, white ground and chilling air? All these things call you again and again outside on a white valley.


Skiing is really an enjoyable experience. But before skiing you should take care of your skin fully otherwise it may create a great damage on your skin. This article will help in  informing about four basic skin care tips while skiing.

4 Skin Care Tips That Skiers Should Follow

Protection From Ultraviolet Rays

The first thing that you should do is to protect your skin from sun rays. We all know that ultraviolet rays of sun are totally harmful for our skin. It not only burns our skin, it can cause age spots, wrinkles and some serious skin problems such as skin cancer. The effect of UV rays remains high in mountain where people go for skiing purpose.

For this reason before starting your skiing apply a good quality sunscreen lotion over your skin that will remain exposed while skiing. It will give a protection from harsh sunlight. Apply lip balm with sunscreen properties on your lip. Wear goggles and sunglasses. These will protect skins around your eyes and will protect you from the glares created by sunrays over the snow.

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Protection From Cold Temperature

Protect your skin from excessively cold temperature. Too much cold may damage your epidermis (outer layer) layer of the skin. Epidermis layer is necessary because it protects our skin in various ways. For this reason wear several layers of winter garments.

Do not forget to cover your feet and palms with woolen socks and gloves respectively. Wear ski mask to cover the delicate skin of your face. Wear hat or cap to cover your hair and protect it from excessively cold weather and sunshine.

cold temp

Protection From Dry Chilled Wind

In mountain where people generally go for skiing, a continuous dry and chilled wind blows. Moreover, the effects of wind enhances when you ski and pass the area in high speed. If you do not take the proper protection, windburn may occur. For this reason apply a thick layer of day cream over your skin. Your skin becomes dry when you come in contact of dry air. Give your skin a shield of thick cream so that it remains hydrated.

dry chilled

Protection After Skiing

When you ski, because of high exercise a great amount of water goes out of your body in the form of sweat. For this reason your skin becomes dry. To keep it hydrated drink lots of water and glucose mixed fluid. This will keep your skin hydrated and will give you energy.

Most of the people take proper care before starting the skiing but forget to take the necessary care after skiing is over. Remove all the dirt and grease that have accumulated on your skin because of skiing with the help of deep cleansing milk. Then wash your face with warm water to clean it totally.

Moreover warm water will enhance blood circulation in skin in the cold weather and will keep the muscle active. After that, apply a good quality night cream with repairing properties. It will help heal your damaged skin during skiing. Follow these tips and enjoy skiing.

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