5 Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

Best Skin Care for Aging Skin Why is it that our skin is tight and glowing when we are young, but slowly loses its texture and becomes listless and loose as we age? Well, one reason is that nature will take its toll on all the organs of our body, and the skin, functioning as the largest organ in our body, is prone to wear and tear as well.

Our body’s miraculous repair and maintenance system takes care of the rejuvenation of skin cells which are damaged, but finds it tough to keep up with the rate of decay as we age.

Anti-Aging Tips For Skin

What Healthy Skin Is Made Up Of

The skin is made up of the two proteins elastin and collagen, which in combination with the oil produced by our glands; keep our skin supple and elastic.

The layer of fat beneath our skins gives support to the skin and makes it look tight. So, is the only option left is for us to go in for implants and collagen injections? Not at all! There is a lot we can do at home to slow down, if not stop aging.

Fat Is Not Always Bad

The skin actually needs essential fatty to keep it supple and tight. Get your dose by eating omega-3 rich almonds, sunflower seeds, etc. Natural foods rich in vitamins and trace elements like copper and selenium are very effective in putting the glow back in your skin.

Food Nutrition

 Dark coloured vegetables rich in beta carotene and fresh fruits contain vitamins A, C and E which constitute anti-oxidants that neutralise free radicals and minimise skin damage.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

The importance of water cannot be over emphasised. 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and even more if diuretics such as tea or coffee are a part of your daily intake. This is because water is the medium through which all the muck in your system is flushed out.

The more you hydrate your body, the easier it finds it to flush out all the toxins, leaving you radiant. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also a great way to get a little extra water and minerals.

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While Out In The Sun

Though being exposed to sunlight is very important for our dose of vitamin D which also helps absorb calcium, too much direct sun exposure can be devastating for the skin, especially for Caucasians, as the melatonin in the skin is not enough to protect it; leading to dryness, pigmentation and loss of elasticity.

uv protection for your skin

 Use UV protection of at least SPF 15 and reapply every time you sweat a lot or go swimming.

Cleanse And Moisturise

Everyone knows these are the two mantras of a daily beauty regimen, but why? The cleansing, and exfoliating with scrubs and so on removes the dead cells on the surface revealing youthful looking healthy skin underneath.

Moisturise your skin

This also makes it easier for the skin to breathe and remain healthy. Moisturising ensures that the skin does not get dried out and keeps the moisture trapped.

Do Away With Stress

Getting enough rest and sleep helps your body’s growth hormone do its job of repairing and replenishing the cells and tissues of your skin. Meditation can be another powerful way to relax your way to more youthful, beautiful skin.