5 Home Remedies For Poor Blood Circulation


5 Home Remedies For Poor Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation is often a sign of a health problem that may not appear obvious initially but needs to be treated before it wrecks your life. Poor circulation can cause pain, numbness, fatigue and an overall sense of worthlessness.

There are a lot of medications and other modes of treatment like surgery that can help improve blood circulation but these solutions can often bring a lot of side effects.

Home remedies can help treat blood circulation without causing any significant side effects and fortunately these remedies do not cost much. Some of the essential, cost effective home remedies include regular exercise, Cayenne, Hydrotherapy, staying warm and avoiding tobacco.

Home Remedies For Improving Poor Blood Circulation


Exercise For Blood Circulation

Exercise is one of the best remedies to most of the ailments including poor blood circulation. To improve the blood circulation, you need to exercise regularly to keep the blood flowing to all the body parts properly.

You can opt for simple exercises such as walking, skipping a rope, biking or dancing. However, if you have any other problem that may worsen due to any type of exercise, then it is essential that you consult your doctor before starting any exercise.

Stay Warm

Keep yourself warm as it will help treat poor blood circulation. The poor circulation of blood is often caused due to narrowing down of the blood vessels, which worsens with cold as it constricts the blood vessels further. You can wear warm clothes and keep yourself covered with a warm blanket to help improve blood flow in different parts of the body.

Stay Warm For Blood Circulation

Warmth is known to lead to vasodilation and helps in improving the blood circulation. This also relieves the various symptoms of cramping that are caused due to lack of oxygen that are carried to the tissues through the bloodstream.


Hydrotherapy is one of the best home remedies for improving poor circulation of blood. You need to focus more on taking timely hot and cold showers. You also need to focus that the water is directly hitting the area that is most affected due to the poor blood flow.

Allowing the hot water shower on the affected area forces the blood to flow to that area and when cold water reaches the affected areas, it sends the blood to your internal organs.

Cayenne Spice For Blood Circulation

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Cayenne Spice

Cayenne spice is known to stimulate the circulatory system in a natural manner. It helps to consume this spice as it increases the heart rate and rushes the blood throughout your body.

Consuming cayenne spice not only helps in improving the blood flow instantly but also helps in strengthening the arteries. Though it is helpful in improving blood circulation, it may cause some side effects such as stomach ache and indigestion. So, it is recommended to consult your doctor before you consume this spice for improving blood circulation.

Cayenne Spice For Blood Circulation

Improve Your Diet

Improving your regular diet is also an important home remedy for treating poor circulation. It is also essential to drink a lot of water every day to prevent dehydration as well as for increasing the blood circulation. Blood needs sufficient water to carry oxygen to various cells and enhance healthy circulation of blood.

Try to eat a balanced diet for your every meal and include lots of fluids to keep the blood flowing throughout the body in a proper manner.

Diet For Blood Circulation

Home Remedies For Poor Blood Circulation