5 Best Home Remedies For Snoring


5 Remedies For Snoring

One of the main causes of tension between husband and wife, snoring is a nightmare for the partner of the person who is a victim of this disorder. Snoring can occur from a number of reasons, including exhaustion, obesity, throat muscle looseness, smoking and drinking.

Although one can opt for medical treatments as a last resort, trying some of these below mentioned simple home remedies can help the person get relief from daily embarrassments and tensions.These simple home remedies will not only help prevent the process of snoring but may also gradually cure the problem. However, make sure that you consult a doctor if you don’t get any relief even after trying these remedies.

Home Remedies For Snoring


Exercise For Snoring

Certain types of exercises have proven to be very useful for reducing snoring tendencies. Exercises which can effectively tone the muscles of the throat can actually counteract snoring habit.

Studies revealed that just like any other muscle, the muscles of our throat also tend to become loose with time, which may interfere with the normal breathing process while sleeping, which in turn ultimately leads to snoring habits. So, toning the loosened throat muscles may actually help prevent snoring by causing less interference with the air passage.


Aromatherapy For Snoring

One of the primary causes of snoring is excessive stress and tiredness. So, you can try to include the essential oil of a soothing herb in your bath water or in your room’s diffuser to bring down your mental stress and tiredness while sleeping. Herbs like chamomile and lavender can help to sooth the inflamed nerves thereby indirectly preventing the tendency of snoring.

Weight Loss

Studies found that excessive deposition of fatty tissues around the throat can actually give way to the tendency of snoring. The excess fat around the throat can squeeze the throat, thereby interfering with the air passage and ultimately leading to snoring.

Moreover, excessive fat deposit may also block the respiratory tract which can alleviate your problem. So, if you are overweight and have turned into a cause of daily nuisance for your partner, try to lose some weight so that you can free yourself from the problems of snoring that regularly lead you to shameful mornings.

Weight Loss For Snoring

Home Remedies For Snoring
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Sleeping Posture

It is believed that people tend to snore more if they sleep by lying flat on their back. This is because lying flat on the back forces the top part of the soft palate and tongue to collapse on the throat’s posterior wall, which in turn creates the vibration sound in the throat.

Sleeping Posture For Snoring

This is the reason why it is recommended to sleep on one’s side if the person suffers from problems of snoring. Doctors suggest that tying two tennis balls to the pajamas can effectively stop a person from sleeping on his or her back. Apart from that, tying a ball of cloth to the back can also prevent the person from returning to his or her back while sleeping.

Reduce Alcohol Intake

People suffering from snoring problem must try to lower their alcohol intake as it has been found that alcohol tends to decrease the resting tone of the muscles which are present in the back wall of the throat.

Avoid Alcohol For Snoring

This in turn induces snoring. While snoring may occur from many other reasons, alcohol intake tends to alleviate the problem. Furthermore, alcohol also tends to exert pressure on the throat by blocking the passage.

Remedies For Snoring