5 Best Sacroiliac Joint Treatments

5 Best Sacroiliac Joint Treatments Interventions to manage to sacroiliac joint (SJ) dysfunctions and pains often depend on the severity and duration of the disease. This is considering that this dysfunction can be either acute or chronic. The five best-known interventions are rehabilitation and physical therapy programs, medical interventions, surgical therapies, rheumatology consultations and injection treatments for emergency cases.

Treatment Options for Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Physical And Rehabilitation Therapies

Rehabilitation only occurs if the patient in question has deteriorative progress from the acute (10 days) condition to the sub-acute (3 months) and worse, to the chronic phase (6 months). This form of treatment controls pains by applying different modalities.

Physical And Rehabilitation Therapies

These include ultrasonography techniques accompanied or lacking phonophoresis. Other deep superficial cold and heat treatments also can relieve pain. Application of neural therapies such as energy stretching of the muscles, myofascial release and massage of deep tissues facilitate relieve for short-lived discomforts. Physicians also try to identify the root cause of this dysfunction then advise patients accordingly to avoid them. These include heavy weight and manual lifting.

Medical Interventions

The use of drugs cannot be underestimated since it avoids SJ dysfunction complications such as malignancy, neural injury, inflammation and infection among others. In the acute phase, use of NSAIDS judiciously is recommendable since they are over the counter (OTC) drugs.

Ice and muscle relaxants use in the preliminary stages of the condition is necessary to deter pain. The consideration to use steroids, antiarrhythmic topical, antidepressants and anticonvulsants in cases of chronic pathology should be precedence but only on patients who are certainly diagnosed with this condition. Considering that the outcomes of these medications are speculative, their use should perform a prior analysis of the expected adverse effects.

Surgical Interventions

For patients suffering from SJ dysfunction that is traumatic and has persisted for at least three years, then surgery is considerable.

Surgical Interventions

Similarly, the failure of the aforementioned therapies and their poor outcomes could also prompt this undertaking. The surgery involves inserting a joint fusion. From experience, this intervention is beneficial although this assumption does not have any evidence-based proof from clinical trials.

Rheumatological Consultations

This intervention only transpires on consulting a physician on the possibility of an inherent inflammatory dysfunction. In such a case, the SJ disorder is one of the disease’s symptoms. The musculoskeletal specialist does functional assessments that are non-operative, then advises a panel of physicians on the best course of action to take. Essentially, this is the best and most holistic program, since it recommends the use of rehabilitation, medical history for root analysis and functional assessments as well as frequent progressive checkups to monitor patients.

Injection Treatments

Under fluoroscopic guidance, SJ dysfunctions and pains are manageable through injections, which are intra-articular. These injections contain mixtures of steroids and anesthetics to reduce pain and discomfort.

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In serious cases, the use of advanced technologies such as MRI and CT is precedence to guide the injections to the ailing joint and at pinpoint precision. This intervention is most effective in managing emergency cases of this condition.

From a summative viewpoint, sacroiliac joint pains and dysfunctions are managed best using physical and rehabilitative therapies that emphasize on patient exercise. Furthermore, surgical, medical, rheumatology interventions as well as injections are equally essential. All these depend on the cause and stage of this condition.

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