5 Best Skin Care Oils


5 Best Skin Care Oils

There is a common misconception that oils are not great for skincare, since they cause breakouts. But the truth is that not all oils are comedogenic and cause acne and other skin problems. In reality, good-quality organic, virgin and cold-pressed essential oils actually nourish skin making it flawless with glowing complexion.

5 Great Skin Care Oils

Olive Oil

Olive oil, preferably extra virgin olive oil, functions as a great skin moisturizer and exfoliant. Loaded with oleic acid, olive oil has the potential to penetrate deep into the skin layers and nourish the skin.

Olive Oil For Skin Care

The antioxidant properties contained in the oil makes it to work as a great skin cell regenerator, and helps in combating the attack of free radicals. This soothing and healing oil is extremely good for dry skin and heals inflamed and itching skin. It also promotes the fusion of substances like collagen, elastin, proteoglycans and glycoproteins.

The polyphenols in the extra virgin olive oil helps it to function as a great anti-inflammatory and slows down the aging process of skin. Along with minimizing lines and the appearance of wrinkles, olive oil also brightens the skin tone to a considerable degree.

 Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is used in many cultures as great anti-aging skincare oil that is also suitable for sensitive and dry skin. It works as an anti-aging product thanks to its collagen enhancing properties. Packed with vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, protein, lecithin, pantothenic acid and fatty acids, avocado oil treats many skin disorders.

Avocado Oil For Skin Care

The dense quantity of mono-unsaturated fatty acids, including omega-3 essential fatty acids, make this oil great remedy for eczema and psoriasis. Compared to other skincare oils, avocado oil has immense ability to penetrate deep into the skin layers, and nourishes the skin well. This highly therapeutic oil is famed for its softening and soothing effects and is widely used in many commercial skincare creams and lotions.

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 Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is excellent skincare oil that offers miraculous effects on skin. This oil’s structure has close resemblance to that of our skin sebum and hence, works as a great natural moisturizer. This odorless, golden colored liquid wax is loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

It works its wonders on all skin types including oily, dry and sensitive. Thanks to its oxidative stability properties, jojoba oil is in great demand in cosmetic industry.

Jojoba Oil For Skin Care

 Virgin Coconut Oil

The extra virgin version of the fruit of the Coconut Palm is renowned for its moisturizing benefits. Virgin coconut oil seeps deep into the skin layers and plump up the skin cells, and is widely considered as the single solution for all skin problems.

Smoother, softer, healthier and more youthful appearance can be achieved through regular application of this oil. Coconut oil is enriched with amazing antibiotic, multivitamin, multi-nutrient, nourishing, anti-aging, anti wrinkle and anti-oxidant properties enabling your skin to radiate glowing vitality.

Coconut Oil For Skin Care

 Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil is known to promote younger looking skin. Loaded with essential oils, minerals, anti-oxidants and vitamin E, this oil nourished the skin deeply. It facilitates the growth of new skin cells and promotes elasticity and suppleness.

These oils are nature’s gift to us and will do more wondrous skin benefits that many commercially available creams and cosmetics are unable to do.

Wheat Germ Oil For Skin Care

Best Skin Care Oils