5 Effective Diabetic Wound Remedies


5 Home Remedies For Diabetic Wound

One of the worst side effects of diabetes is that wounds do not heal easily. Also, diabetics are more prone to injuries because of weak immune system and poor blood circulation. Most people prefer to apply various ointments on the wounds to heal it over a due course of time.

As an alternative, diabetics can try out the below mentioned home remedies, which are equally effective, to treat the wounds. But before applying any of these remedies directly on the bruise, it is customary that you thoroughly clean the wound and the surrounding area with cotton soaked in warm water. Firstly, you should stop bleeding.

This can be done either by sprinkling some sugar on the wound and let it stay there for some time or rubbing a cube of ice over and around the wound. You can also use turmeric powder to stop bleeding as it would also prevent infection.

Home Remedies For Diabetic Wounds


Honey For Diabetic Wound

Once the area is clean and the bleeding stops apply generous amount of honey over the wound and cover it with a bandage. Honey is well known for its antiseptic properties and hence it prevents growth of bacteria on the wounds. Honey is widely used in America as a treatment for chronic wounds.
The thickness of honey protects the wounds from dust and other alien matters. Honey also moisturizes the wounds with the help of body-produced fluids. Unlike antibiotics, honey does not produce a burning sensation. Unpasteurized honey, kept in a dark and cool place, is considered to be the best treatment for wounds. Manuka Honey from New Zealand has also delivered desired results in many cases.


For better results, you can add some pureed onion to the honey. Onion contains an active anti-microbial agent called allicin that helps in healing the wound faster.Keep it mixture on the wound for at least an hour. The process has to be repeated thrice daily.

Onion For Diabetic Wound

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Garlic And Banana Leaves

Wounds with pus have to be treated with ripe banana leaves. Garlic with active anti-microbial agent allicin would accelerate healing of the wound and prevent growth of bacteria on it. Take few garlic cloves and grind them to make a paste.

Apply the paste on the woundand wrap around with a ripe banana leaf. Keep the paste for maximum of 15 minutes and then remove the dressing. This is because of the strong nature of garlic which left in contact with the skin for too long would burn it.

Garlic And Banana Leaves For Diabetic Wound


Vinegar works great on slowly-healing wounds but the diabetic would have to bear with the stinging sensation caused by contact of vinegar with the skin. Mix vinegar with water and apply the mixture directly on the wound. If the wound is swollen, you can rub some ice cubes on it.

Vinegar For Diabetic Wound

Indian Mulberry

This shrub, native to South Asia, is rather meant for diabetic ulcers such as foot ulcers. Diabetics are often seen to be suffering from foot ulcers when they have worn tight shoes for long. Juice extracted from Indian Mulberry shrub heals such ulcers. Make it a habit to drink 2tbsp of mulberry extract thrice daily and you will see the result. If the wound persists even after the use of the above-mentioned home remedies, it is advised that you consult a good doctor.

Indian Mulberry For Diabetic Wound

Diabetic Wound Remedies