5 Effective Home Remedies For Nose Bleeding


5 Remedies For Nose Bleeding

Nose bleeding is a very scary disease which should be taken care by consulting nose specialists called ‘Otolaryngologist’. Nose bleeding can occur due to cold- heavy sneezing or rubbing the nose; it could be due to nose cancer or the damage caused to the blood vessels of the nose.

First and foremost thing is to know the features of 2 types of nose bleeds, anterior (interior) nosebleed- bleeds from the blood vessels, certainly to the front part of the nose; or the posterior(external)- that is bleeding will be caused from the artery, exactly at the back part of the nose. Posterior nosebleed can be cured from home, and is not dangerous.

Whereas, anterior nosebleed needs Otolaryngolist; this is because, anterior nose bleeding requires proper ailments or surgeries which is not possible to cure from home. But, it does not cause any harm to try home remedies for temporary relief or to treat and cure posterior nose bleeding immediately without doctor’s support.

Special Home Treatment For Nose Bleeding

Brick Powder And Water

Brick Powder And Water For Relief Nose Bleeding


Brick is the most easily available object everywhere that is used for multi-purpose. You can hit this brick, takeout little brick powder, mix it with equal amount of water to make a fine paste, and apply this paste on the nose area, where your nose bleeds. You need to sleep immediately, when you apply this paste; or apply this paste, while you sleep.

Also follow the proper sleeping posture- lie down on your back; that means your back should touch the bed. This method will surely make you get rid of nose bleeding.

Turmeric Powder And Coconut Oil

Turmeric powder is a must-have medicine for all types of diseases. You can use the same to cure nose bleeding too. Take little amount of turmeric powder; blend with coconut oil; make it a thick dough- i.e., small turmeric ball, and press it on the bleeding nose to stop the bleeding immediately.

Turmeric Powder And Coconut Oil For Relief Nose Bleeding


Apply Face Powder

Face powder is another powerful home remedy to stop nose bleeding. Apply the face powder directly on the nose bleeding area; this is because, the powder extracts the blood and dries the bleeding part. Therefore, use face powder to control bleeding easily by applying face powder.


Face Powder For Relief Nose Bleeding

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Smell Or Inhale Lemon

Inhale or smell lemon, that will help you to control nose bleeding. Even you can apply lemon juice to the bleeding nose. But, some people cannot tolerate the irritation of lemon over the bleeding area. Hence, if cannot tolerate lemon juice, you can just inhale or smell lemon, which gives the same effect as lemon juice. But, you need to smell or inhale the lemon, by sleeping posture for fast relief.

Smell Lemon For Relief Nose Bleeding


Cold Wet Cloth Bandage

Cold Wet cloth is also most effective to cure nose bleeding. Take a bowl of ice water; dip the white cotton cloth in the water; rinse the cloth little bit, that means some water should remain in the cloth.

Now, put this cold wet cotton cloth on your forehead, to control nose bleeding. Try this home remedy which is most simple and easy to follow.

Wet Cloth Bandage For Relief Nose Bleeding


Remedies For Nose Bleeding