5 Effective Tips To Cure Insomnia

Sleep is an important physiological phenomenon. All the organs of our body need adequate rest and sleep provides us with that. It helps all the organs of body to perform functions at an optimum level after a good night’s sleep.


When your sleep is disturbed or when you suffer from lack of sleep called as insomnia, then your body feels tired and weak. Here are the causes of insomnia and some ways to cure insomnia.

Effective Tips To Cure Insomnia

You should first fix timings to sleep and get up. You should sleep early and get up early the same time every day. Erratic sleep schedule is a one of the causes for disturbed sleep.


If you have any mental worries or you are passing through a difficult life situation, then you need to take steps to find solutions for them. You should always remember that worrying will not get you any positive results but will cause you insomnia. Practise meditation or yoga to combat stress due to routine affairs.


If there is no specific cause behind insomnia, then try the following remedies. Take a bath with hot water before going to sleep. It cures all the pains and aches in muscles and makes way for a peaceful sleep. If you like milk, then drink a glass of warm milk before going to sleep.


It is a good sleep inducer. Making the bed, cushions and coverings as comfortable as you like it, goes a long way to make you sleep early as you lie down. Do not drink tea or coffee after 7pm in the evening. They are stimulants that keep you awake.


When you sleep, do not keep any bright lights or music on. Even light music or slight peeping light from any corner of the house can make you remain awake for long time. Work hard during the day and avoid sleeping or taking naps during the daytime. You will sleep easily when you are physically exhausted.

If still you are not able to sleep, arrange everything as you are going to sleep and read a non interesting book by lying down. It is one of the definite methods to make you sleep. Regularly follow these methods to cure insomnia. If there is a specific cause, you need to address the cause first to get rid of insomnia.