5 Excellent Home Remedies For Beauty


5 Remedies For Beauty

Beauty is our all time issue of concern as it matters a lot in our life. Being a human, we tend to like beautiful things and want to look beautiful also. Instead of, wasting lots of money on expensive beauty products, salons and treatments you can opt for home remedies that can help you in enhancing your beauty with less expense, little efforts and care.

Now, if you are looking for effective home remedies to get a radiant look then just read on this article as we have listed some well researched and trusted beauty home remedies here. Choose best suitable remedy of them for yourself and get ready to look beautiful.

5 Beneficial Home Remedies For Beauty

Olive Oil And Milk Cream

Olive Oil And Milk Cream For Beauty

Olive oil is natural skin moisturizer and milk cream is also good at this work. Combination of olive oil and milk cream both works as a perfect home remedy for acquiring soft and smooth skin having natural glow. Take some fresh milk cream and add few drops of olive oil to it and mix well.

Apply it on your skin and leave for at least 15-20 minutes. Then wash your skin with normal water. It not only makes skin soft and supple but also rejuvenates it. Use this remedy thrice a week and just after 3-4 times you will notice visible change in softness and glow of your skin.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are loaded with lot of vitamin B and contain niacin that helps in providing proper nutrition to skin tissues. Brown bread, wheat flour biscuits and your lovely pasta are good sources of vitamin B.

Whole Grains For Beauty

Soyabean is also helpful in enhancing one’s beauty. Whole grains purify blood and remove toxins from the body. Hence, just start your day with whole grains as a nutritious breakfast and get internal strength for acquiring charming beauty.


It is best natural toner, moisturizer and cleanser that keeps pH level balanced of skin. It provides sparkling glow with soft, clear and beautiful skin. You can use it as a cleanser to clean your face or skin. Use it to make facepack in place of water and enjoy youthful skin.

Rosewater For Beauty


Being a great source of vitamin C, it works as a beneficial beauty home remedy. Its regular intake helps in production of collagen in skin that keeps you charming all the time. Take some good amount of peeled skin of orange and let it dry naturally. Grind it to make powder and store it in jar and place it in dry place to keep moisture away.

Take 2 tsp. of this powder, 1 tsp. fresh mint juice, 1tsp. sandalwood (chandan) powder and 1tsp. multani mitti. Use rosewater to mix them and make a fine paste. Apply it on your skin and let it dry. Then wash your skin with normal water thoroughly. It will make your skin soft and supple and also help in get rid of tanning.

Orange For Beauty


Papaya is high in vitamin A that keeps your skin youthful and glowing. It increases elasticity of skin and helps removing wrinkles. Mash 1 piece of fully ripe papaya and apply it on your face and neck, then massage with it in circular motions gently.

Repeat this remedy twice a week to get proper benefit. After regular application of this remedy you will love to watch fabulous improvement in glow of your skin.

Papaya For Beauty

Remedies For Beauty