5 Great Habits to Live A Long Healthy Life

The question that arises in the mind of most people are that is it better to live long miserable life or a short healthy life? The latter is definitely better, however how would one feel living a long healthy life and getting both the benefits of long life and health. Yes, it is possible to live a long healthy life, if one cultivates five great habits.

The first great habit is to eat five small meals every day. Replace the old habit of taking three meals in a day. This habit helps to supply nutrients constantly to the body and helps to stabilize blood sugar and have the energy throughout the day. It is also good to note that this habit avoids taxing one’s digestive and metabolic systems. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases and helps one to live a long and healthy life.

Making a change of one’s habit to exercise the body more makes a great difference in one’s health and helps one live a long healthy life. Some such changes could be climbing stairs instead of using the elevator, cycling to work or for shopping if one can instead of using a car. Regular exercise of some form; regular or change of habits to include physical activity can make one have a better health, better  flexibility and mobility and can thereby promote energy. This habit of including more physical activity is bound to help one to live a long and healthy life.

Its a great habit to laugh more often and boost one’s immunity ower. Humor  and  laughter helps to increase endorphins; the compound that promotes a sense of health  and well-being and helps one live a happy and long life. Laughter and humor produces  cells that help to protect the body from various diseases.

Drink at least eight glasses of water in a day to have healthy body functions. Water is  the best product to not only hydrate one’s body but also helps one to protect one’s skin. When one is thirsty it is best to drink water or pure fruit juices instead of aerated drinks that cause harm to health in the long run. This great habit has been and will continue to be the best used secret for a long and healthy life.

Water also  helps to flush out toxins from one’s body to promote good health and longevity. Pure water is rarely available now-a-days so it is best to drink filtered water; purified by use of activated charcoal, which helps to preserve water-soluble  minerals but removes other impurities and gives good tasting pure water. Never use  water stored in plastic containers because they contaminate the water. So one should  drink pure filtered water to enjoy a long and healthy life.

Meditation is a great habit to cultivate if one wishes to unwind and enjoy a long and healthy life. Stress the root cause of many health problems can be cured by meditation involving techniques to release tension by simple breathing techniques. Besides meditation is important to help the body in eliminating toxins and wastes. One acquires a sense of calmness and learns self-discipline which go a long way to help live a long and healthy life.

Eating good and healthy food is also one of those great habits to promote a good long and healthy life. One who takes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and foods good in minerals and vitamins can hope to lead a long and healthy life. Hence it is best to eat little at regular intervals and not eat just good but eat smart too.

These great habits if followed properly and regularly can surely help one to live not  only a long life but to live healthy and free from diseases also.