5 Herbal Teas For Weight Loss

Weight Loss

“Herbal teas can help you lose weight”, you may have heard such statements before and you must have wondered that if such claims are true or not. It is still a question of concern amongst many that how does a herbal tea helps in losing weight.

Weight Loss

The answer depends on the kind of herbal tea you are having. Like many things in life, herbal teas have different uses and benefits.

The exciting news is that some  studies have shown that there are some herbal teas which can actually help in losing weight. Before sharing with you the names of herbal teas that help in losing weight, we shed some light upon how these teas can aid weight loss:

Energy Levels

Herbal teas help in improving your energy levels as it contains some form of stimulant which gives you an energy boost. Better levels of energy means that you move around more and burn more calories. Doing extra physical work is a sure-shot way to lose weight.


Some herbal teas act as natural diuretics that help in removing excess water from the body. One major cause of weight gain is water retention, the more water the body retains the more bloated we appear and feel. Simply by getting rid of extra water from the body you can lose couple of pounds in matter of days.

Increased Metabolism

Research has shown that herbal teas can boost metabolic activity which helps in burning fat and calories at a faster rate.

The above three mentioned properties present in many herbal tea helps in losing weight at a faster speed. However, you must not rely on herbal teas alone to shed kilos, you must take proper diet and exercise regularly to achieve your weight goals.

Top 5 Herbal Teas Which Aids Weight Loss

Green Tea

Green tea increases the metabolic rate by almost 4%. The increased in metabolic rate speeds up the rate at which the body burns calories and fat. Regular consumption of green tea helps in getting rid of the accumulated fat in the body.

green tea

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Oolong Tea

Oolong tea helps in losing weight. According to a study conducted in Japan, women had oolong tea for about six weeks. They reported an increase in metabolic activity and improved energy levels, both required for weight loss.

Oolong tea has caffeine, polyphenol and flavanol in it which gives a boost of energy. Oolong tea also helps in losing weight by naturally inhibiting fat as well as carbohydrate absorption.


Black Tea

Studies have shown that black tea is helpful in losing weight as it reduces the ability of the body to absorb fat. Plus, we all know that caffeine gives a boost to our energy levels. However, one must limit the consumption of black tea to one or two cups in a day.

black tea

Yerba Mate Herbal Tea

Yerba Mater herbal tea improves your metabolism and helps in losing weight. Having Yerba mate tea along will not show significant weight loss results, one must indulge in physical activities to get satisfactory results.


White Tea

White Tea is a new entrant in the list of herbal teas that aids weight loss. People who have white tea on regular basis claim that it helps in reducing hunger pangs. Plus, it is loaded with antioxidants.

white tea