5 Home Remedies For Poison Ivy


5 Remedies For Poison Ivy

Poison ivy or poison oak is mainly found in North America. The plant is famously infamous for causing severe allergy and skin rashes.

The good news is that the allergy and skin rashes can be treated at home easily. In this article we will look at some of the most effective home remedies for treating rashes caused by poison ivy.

Poison Ivy Home Remedies

Home remedies have proven very effective in treating the various symptoms associated with poison ivy. However, one needs to be very regular with the remedies and follow them religiously to successfully treat the rashes.

Cold Water

Cold Water For Poison Ivy

The quickest way to get instant relief from the burning sensation caused by poison ivy is to pour cold water on the skin immediately. You can also use cold pack treatment to reduce the burning sensation caused by poison ivy. Application of ice cubes directly on the skin will help decrease the swelling as well. You must also wash your clothes, pets and other household items in cold water.

Calamine Lotion

Apply a thin layer of calamine lotion on the affected area. The cooling properties of the calamine will help reduce the inflammation and burning of the skin.Don’t let the lotion dry. Keep re-applying layers of lotion on the damaged parts of the skin. Calamine lotion is especially useful in preventing one from scratching the itching skin. The lotion will also help reduce the redness on the skin.

Calamine Lotion For Poison Ivy

Cornstarch Paste

In order to treat poison ivy allergy it is best to use brown cornstarch powder in place of white cornstarch powder.Prepare a paste of cornstarch powder by adding adequate amounts of cold water in it. Apply a thin layer of the paste on the affected areas. Re-apply the paste every time you feel the need to scratch the areas.

Cornstarch Paste For Poison Ivy

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Boric Powder

Prepare a bath tub with cold water and add three cups of boric powder in the bath tub. Mix the powder well in the water. Let it stand for two minutes and then get inside the tub. Soak the affected parts of your body in the boric powder solution for 10-15 minutes. This treatment is very effective and should be done before retiring to bed at night. It will help you sleep better.However, the treatment is not restricted to night alone; you can take boric solution bath anytime of the day and as many times as you want. The treatment is excellent for reducing inflammation and itching of the skin.

Boric Powder For Poison Ivy

Aloe Vera Gel

Take a fresh leaf of aloe vera plant. Carefully remove the green skin of the leaf. You will get jelly-like transparent substance. Collect this in a bowl and mash it well. You can even add a little cold water to it to form a paste of spreadable consistency.Apply the aloe vera gel on the affected parts of the skin. Aloe vera gel is excellent for reducing inflammation, itching and redness caused by poison ivy. You can even refrigerate the gel for more cooling effect.

Aloe Vera For Poison Ivy

Remedies For Poison Ivy