5 Reliefs For Sore Throat


Sore throat is a very common problem. It might not be life threatening, but it can be extremely painful if not treated in time. While drugstore remedies are always there, you can always try your hand at natural remedies too. They are safe and devoid of any side effects. Moreover, natural remedies are highly effective in treating even the gravest of ailments, so sore throat is not an exception too. Look at the most effective and widely popular remedies of sore throat we have compiled here.

 Reliefs For Sore throat

Natural Reliefs For Sore Throat


This is one of the most preferred herbs of the herbalists. It has been discovered that licorice comprises of glycyrrhizin, which is highly effective against hepatitis C. Licorice is equally famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it is the most prescribed herbal therapy for sore throat.

It can be consumed as herbal infusion when a patient suffers from sore throat. Alternatively, you can also dilute the roots of licorice with plain water and gargle with the same thrice a day. Your conditions will improve noticeable within a week.


Slippery Elm

Slippery elm is another herb which is used as a remedy for sore throat. It is so popular that it forms one of the major ingredients in throat emollients, herbal throat lozenges and throat drops. It was once considered as the most authentic and traditional medicine of sore throat in North America.

It is bestowed with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, the inner bark of slippery elm is used by the medical practitioners for curing sore throat. This inner bark comprises of a slippery, gel-like substance, which reduces irritation of the throat and soothes soreness.  It can either be consumed as herbal tea or as herbal capsules, which are available at all the leading herbal drugstores.

Slippery elm

Common Salt

One of the popular home remedies of sore throat is available right there at your kitchen counter! It is common salt. A pinch of common salt in a glass of lukewarm water can work miraculously in curing sore throat. It should be used as a throat rinse thrice a day to get the optimum benefits.

The tepid temperature of water deactivates the disease-causing bacteria, thereby soothing the irritated throat. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of common salt work as bonus on this. Thus, this alternative therapy is the fastest remedy of sore throat.

Common Salt

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Honeysuckle Flower

Once used as popular Chinese medicine for sore throat, the benefits of honeysuckle flower have been globally accepted now. It soothes the irritation associated with sore throat and makes the disease-causing germs benign.

The best way to use honeysuckle flowers for curing sore throat is to make herbal tea using the same. The typically recommended dose of honeysuckle flower infusion for sore throat is up to four cups a day.

Honeysuckle Flower

Marshmallow Root

This is one of the commonly found North American herbs which have shown magical effects in curing sore throat. The mucilage contained in Marshmallow bask is typically used by the herbalists to treat sore throat. The roots of marshmallow are used for making herbal tea for soothing sore throat. However, it is not recommended for diabetes patients as it can interfere with the prescribed diabetic drugs.