5 Most Common Spondylitis Symptoms

5 Most Common Spondylitis Symptoms Many times you have seen a big cushioned necklace worn by elderly members of your family, they are suffering from spondylitis. Spondylitis is the inflammation of the vertebra which triggers pain in the back, neck, arms and the body parts connected to the spinal cord.

It is a disease which is observed in males in a greater frequency than females. As unequal distribution amongst sexes it has been observed affecting uneven population across the globe. Spondylitis is a genetic disease which shows the following symptoms.

Sign & Symptoms Of Spondylitis

Pain In The Spine

The most significant pain that onset spondylitis is the spinal pain. It starts with pain in the lower back and the buttocks. The lower back pain is so acute, that it will not allow you to rest for two minutes at night.

Pain In The Spine

There is an alternating pain shooting in the buttocks which will restrict your sitting action. This pain is transforms into morning stiffness.

Affects Bending

The initial spondylitis pain begins in the neck or back is either mellow or alternates. But uneasiness while doing daily activities like wearing socks or shoes, as well as activities that involve bending forward or backward are hampered due to pain in the lower back. The frequency of the pain will limit your bending activity making it difficult to sit or stand.

Hip And Shoulder Pain

Hip pain is a side effect of the buttocks pain that results initially, in the early days of spondylitis. This pain is contagious to the groin which affects mobility.

Hip And Shoulder Pain

Spondylitis also causes trouble while shoulder movement. Inflation of the muscle tendons results in shoulder pain or restricts the shoulder movement.

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Pain In The Heels

Spondylitis is a disease that affects tendons of the certain regions which are inflated. There are muscles which connect bones and tendons, these are called enthesitis. Enthesitis are commonly the site of inflation after back and neck. Major Enthesitis are in the heels, which hurt when inflated. This affects in the walking movement, restricting your mobility.

Side Effects

There are lots of side effects which are associated with Spondylitis. It causes shooting pain in one body part which makes you sleep deprived or morning sick.

Side Effects

Fatigue and nausea are the immediate symptoms. The symptoms of fatigue and nausea like weight loss, fever, uneasiness, upset stomach, acidity line up. Joint pains may sometimes result in mild fever. This lowers the immune systems inhibitions making you more sensitive to mild weather changes.

The symptoms will intensify if proper medical care has not been taken. Instead of working on curing the fever or suppressing the back ache by pain killers, eradicate the root cause by taking a spasm test or consulting your physician. If you are the most probable heir to this painful disease, talk to your physician or orthopaedic surgeon to confirm its absence or any precautions that you can take from your side.

If any of the above symptoms keep you awake at night, it’s time to see the doctor and ignorance or a painkiller will make it worse than it already is.

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