5 Proven Ways To Ease Hip Joint Pain


Hip is one of the most crucial parts in the body. It is hip joint that maintains your body balance. It provides support to your body weight. If you are suffering from hip joint pain, it will affect your movements. You will have great difficulty in walking, running and even standing or sitting.

hip joint pain

This problem is very common in pregnant women due to the extra weight they gain during pregnancy. For similar reasons, obesity can also cause hip joint pain. The good news is that you can ease the pain by making some healthy changes in your lifestyle and by practicing certain exercises. Following is a brief rundown on some of the best ways to relieve hip joint pain.

Tips To Relive Hip Joint Pain

Wear The Right Pair Of Shoes

The kind of shoes you wear can also affect your hip joint pain. The best shoes are the ones that fit your feet comfortably and also provide proper support to your body.

right shoe size

Lose Weight

As said earlier, excessive weight gain is one of the major factors that lead to pain in the hip joints. Therefore, you must do everything needed to keep an ideal body weight, depending upon your age, gender and height.

Due to obesity, your body gets out of shape, which eventually causes imbalance and difficulty in movement. This puts extra pressure on hip joints. When you lose weight, you reduce the extra burden from the cartilage and joints, which eventually eases pain.


Strengthen Your Inner Thigh Muscles

Even though you have a healthy hip, if the inner thigh muscles are weak, the hip will not be able to provide proper support to your body’s weight. To ensure proper hip support, you must practice exercises to strengthen the muscles of your inner thighs. Here’s a simple exercise, which you can practice at your home.

Lie on your back on a flattened surface. Lift your legs and put an exercise ball under your inner thighs. Squeeze the ball ten times using the muscles of your inner thighs. While you are doing this, keep your arms stretched out away from the body. Practice at least two to three sets of this simple exercise every day.

strech and walk

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Stretching Exercise For Hip Muscles

Keep your hands on your waist and stand up straight. Now, shift your left leg slightly behind you and the right one in front of you. Tighten your buttocks by kneeling forward onto the front leg and by pushing the pelvis toward it.

While you are doing this, keep your body tilted, away from the front leg. Stay in this position for at least ten to twenty seconds. Repeat this exercise, this time with your right leg in front of you and the left one behind you.


Heating Therapy

You can also try some heating therapies to ease hip joint pain. For example, you can get great relief from pain by placing a heating pad on the hip joint areas. Taking a hot bath can also be very soothing for the joints.

Though the above tips are considered as safe and very effective, medications are also important sometimes. So, talk to your doctor, especially if you are suffering from chronic hip joint pain.

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