5 Remedies For Skin Care

skin care A healthy skin is an important need in every woman’s life. To maintain a healthy skin it is important that you take necessary care. Dust, pollution, chemicals, sunburn etc are some of the reasons out of a million that rapidly de-generates the skin and makes it look old and dull.

Everyday if you, patiently and calmly, take 5 minutes of your time and dedicate it to nurturing your skin then aging and dullness will not be able to affect it.

Tips For Skin Care Remedies

Drink Your Water

Water is regarded as the elixir of life. Nothing can substitute water. The more fluid you take in the more you flush out the toxins from the body. Make sure you drink at least 2 to 3 liter of water daily.


One of the other very useful therapies is drinking a glass of warm water with a tablespoon of honey and lemon mixed to it. It is believed to have loads of medicinal value that includes cut down in the amount of cholesterol in blood.

Yoga And Exercise

Make sure you dedicate at least a few minutes daily to any form of exercise like Yoga, Jogging, Swimming, Outdoor games
Exercise is an excellent form of rejuvenating the body and de-stressing it. It helps in keeping the muscles flexible and prevents fatigue.

Yoga Exercises

It is also good for the heart and helps in increasing the circulation of blood in the body. Besides who can forget the calories burnt in the process. There is no alternative to physical exertion. If not daily at least a few times per week is sufficient to keep you fit and fine

Proper Sleep

It is very common these days to see people hardly sleeping more than a few hours per day. Proper sleep is a very important job to maintain good health and skin. Improper sleep results in dark under eye circles and eye bags. It also affects the mood of the person to a very great extent. Make sure that you have your 8hours of beauty sleep daily whatever be the situation.

Sleep is important for proper functioning of the brain and other vital organs. When a person sleeps, he or she doesn’t just give rest to the body but exactly at this point of time even the heart rate and rate of functioning of the other organs minimize too allowing them to recharge themselves for the next day.

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Healthy Diet

A healthy diet comprises of complete 3 meals. Low fat and carbohydrate containing diet along with loads of roughage in form of vegetables and fruits should be included in the meal.

healthy diet

Prefer home cooked meals over take away and junks. You should never skip meals as that has side effects on the digestive system

Regular Medical Checkup

Human body is a complete mystery. No one can know what is going on inside the body unless and until something dysfunctions and causes trouble. So to prevent that make sure that you take up a full body medical checkup every few months to ensure everything runs smoothly and without any trouble

These are some simple natural remedies for a healthy and glowing skin. Beauty treatment and pampering will only be effective if your internal system is healthy