5 Ways To Cure Common Knee Injuries


5 Ways To Cure Common Knee Injuries

Knee is the most prone to injuries due to various reasons like accident, running, arthritis, over exercise and so on. There are five common knee injuries knee injury while running, degenerative house knee, jumping knee injury, osteoarthritis and unequal legs knee injury.

There are easy ways to cure these five common knee injuries and they are as follows. Making it easy to handle your knee injury well is the aim of this article.

5 Ways to Treat Common Knee Injuries


Rest For Knee Injuries

This is the first line of action for any kind of knee injury, right from fracture to osteoarthritis. Taking rest is the first thing that anyone suffering from any kind of knee injury does.

Rest avoids the growth of inflammation and the injuries gravity. Resting implies to stop the ongoing action and stabilise the knee injury. This can be done by placing a pillow under your knee or simply maintaining a position which hurts the least.

Cold Treatment

Icing the knee injury is the second way to take care of the knee injury. Icing the injury with a towel soaked in cold water or ice packs act as pain reliever and prevent the inflammation from growing. Cold treatments immediately after the injury help you bear the pain and will give you temporary pain relief. There are hot treatments which can be used when the injury pacifies.

Ice For Knee Injuries


Compression means wrapping the injury in some knee cap or plastic bandage. This will act as the third line of defence against the knee injury of any type.

Compressing the injured knees will control the swelling not allowing it to spread in the adjoining areas. Wrapping it with the appropriate pressure will help you tolerate the injury. Wrapping will also provide support to the injured muscle which they don’t provide since being injured. Compression will not heal the injury but will buy some time till you reach the doctor.

Compression For Knee Injuries


Elevating the injured knee above heart level will minimize swelling. Elevation can be done by placing a pillow below your leg which is in the position that hurts less. Elevating the injured knee by placing on a table or chair will serve the purpose. Massaging the injured knee lightly will relieve pain and avoid further swelling.


Treating the symptoms of the injuries is the last line of action. Treating the knee injury in case of bruises or bleeding by bandage or anti septic lotions and creams will eliminate germs and heal the wound.

Medication against pain like I brufen or any other pain killer medicine shall relief the pain till you reach a doctor. NSAID are the pain relievers which need to be administered under a doctor’s supervision.

Medication For Knee Injuries

Tiny changes like quitting smoking will increase the speed of healing. Exercising with minimum stress on the injured knee will ensure that this injury won’t repeat in future as well as begin the healing process in case of torn or stretched muscles. Knee injuries are very complicated since it takes ages to heal them but the above mentioned treatments will definitely make your legs stand on strong knees.

Ways To Cure Common Knee Injuries