5 Ways To Cure Joint Swelling


5 Ways To Cure Joint Swelling

There are five basic cures for swollen joint. As discussed below, these are over-the counter NSAIDs, antibiotics, use of cold ice, circulation wraps and massaging and seeking doctor’s advice. If the first four methods fail, seek a doctor for advanced treatment.

5 Tips To Cure Joint Swelling

Over-Counter Medication

Medication Reduce Joint Swelling

First, you can buy medicines and antibiotics from a pharmacy. The common anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDs, are useful for treatment of swollen joints. These drugs can cure swollen joints caused by arthritis or injuries. Drugs such as ibuprofen and SproutPlex are readily available in medical shops. SproutPlex inhibits collagen fragmentation in the joint, prevents occurrence of degenerative activities in the joint, which may cause erosion of tissues.

 You can also orally take steroids for short-time reduction of the pain within the swollen joints. These steroids aid in blocking the release of chemicals, which may be inflammatory to the body. Drugs like Colchicine can be bought over the pharmaceutical counters for treatment of specific swells such as acute gout. Colchicine reduces these swells, inflammation and pain around the joints.

Wrapping With Cold Ice Pack

Ice Pack Reduce Joint Swelling

Secondly, for swollen joints caused by strained ankles and ligaments, it is recommended to use ice. With this method, wrap a pack of cold ice around the joint immediately after an injury. In an event of injured ligaments and strained ankles, the body reacts by directing huge volumes of blood to the injured parts.

However, the blood becomes excess around these joints and causes swelling. The cold ice cures the swollen joints by vasoconstriction, that is, it makes the blood vessels to contract so that the volume of blood transferred to the injured joints reduces. This method is an immediate cure for a joint swell.

Using Circulation Wraps And Hose

Thirdly, swollen joints can be treated by use of circulation wraps. As aforementioned, when a part is injured or infected, large volume of blood flows towards that part in order to heal it. However, this blood may accumulate, thereby causing swelling of the joints.

Circulation Wraps Reduce Joint Swelling

 Blood flow can be reduced by wrapping the swollen areas with medical wraps and hose as instructed by a doctor. Consequently, repetitive massaging around the wrapped and swollen joint can enhance uniform blood flow within the swell and thus reducing it. This massage should be done gently on and around the swell. Use simple massaging techniques.

Adopt Quality Lifestyles

Fourth, lifestyle and behavior are other cures for swollen joints. In case of swells on the foot joint, avoid standing for long, but instead lie down and rise up the leg. This relieves stresses on the foot and enhances blood flow by gravity. Our eating habits are crucial in prevention and treatment of swollen joints.

Avoid Standing Long Reduce Joint Swelling

Do not over eat salty and fatty foods. Eating fruits, vegetables and balanced diet can cure swollen joints. Finally, soft exercise enhances blood flow and cures swollen joints. Such exercises include taking a walk, stretching muscles and jogging if possible.

Seek Doctor’s Attention

Fifth, once you have a swollen joint you can use any of the above methods or seek medical attention as soon possible. Alternatively, if the pharmaceutical medicines do not work, it is advisable to see a doctor.

Doctors provide accurate prescription of steroids and NSAIDs since they can undertake tests to determine the best cure of the swell. These medicines can be taken orally or through injections. The medicines inhibit and reduce accumulation of fluids and blood in the joints besides preventing further infection of the joints.

Visit Doctor Reduce Joint Swelling

Ways To Cure Joint Swelling