5 Ways To Cure Lower Back Arthritis


5 Ways To Cure Lower Back Arthritis

Lower back arthritis is the common name for spinal lumbar arthritis or spondylitis of the spine also called as spondylosis. Like other spondylitis it has no special cure but there are treatments which include alleviation the pain and inflammation to improve patient’s mobility.

In lumbar arthritis, there is a degeneration of the cartilage in the vertebrae. Lower back arthritis is associated with pain in the back, lumbar region making mobility a problem. Since it is a disorder found in elderly there are cures to the effects of spondylosis but not to the degeneration of the cartilage that causes it.

Treatment For Lower Back Arthritis


Physiotherapy To Reduce Lower Back Arthritis

This is a treatment that strengthens your lumbar spine muscles. Replacing the inflated muscles with strong muscles shall reduce the burden on the weak muscles.

This physical therapy is used by people who are physically active and it also helps in minimizing the further symptoms. Physiotherapist is a trained specialist in physical treatments. Knowledge about anatomy, exercise techniques, and specialised equipments manage your pain very efficiently.


This way of treatment is called manipulation for a reason, since this treatment uproots the spine pain completely without curing the tissue degeneration. Chiropractors are trained masseurs which will provide excellent pain relief without any pain killer tablets. This treatment is advised on the onset of lumbar arthritis and not when it has matured enough where only medication can pacify the inflammation.

Chiropractics To Reduce Lower Back Arthritis

Staying Fit

This part is related to exercise and weight loss. People who have an obesity tendency are more prone to this disorder, keeping your weight in proportion to your height by exercising and avoiding junk food is an important method to cure.

Exercises like stretching, low weight rounds will contribute to lose weight which is a perfect pain reliever. Dieting will not help to reduce pain but instead will make you feel weak.

Staying Fit To Reduce Lower Back Arthritis

Drugs To The Rescue

Anti inflammatory drugs are the immediate cure remedies for lower back arthritis. These drugs include NSAID and cortisone to reduce the inflammation and stiffness. Pain relieving creams are best suited for muscle aches while mild pain killers like I brufen perform their role. For severe pain, drug administration must be supervised by doctor.

Drugs To The Rescue

Hot And Cold Treatment

Massaging the paining parts with ice packs or hot water bags are excellent pain relievers. Heat loosens the spine so that it is ready for any activity while cold treatment is used after the activity is b the inflated muscles.

Wearing a back belt, avoiding lifting heavy objects, acupuncture, steroids injections, yoga, massage therapy, posture maintaining conscience are some techniques that will cure lower back arthritis.

Cold Treatment To Reduce Lower Back Arthritis

Precaution is better than cure, but in cast of lumbar arthritis there are no precautionary measures and many cure techniques which will not completely eradicate the disease but will make it easy for you to live with it. There are some days when you just can’t stop thinking about your hurting back in these times, lie down straight on your back inhale maximum oxygen and face your pain strongly.

Ways To Cure Lower Back Arthritis