5 Ways To Identify Mercury Toxicity


A number of toxic substances can get harboured in our body and cause serious complications and even death due to poisoning. Mercury toxicity is a case of poisoning of the body due to excess mercury that has entered the system. Mercury toxicity can happen through the intake and application of water, food, creams, disinfectants, antiseptics and many other products used in excess.

The mercury that enters our body does not have an outlet for release and finally leads to problems like renal damage, low immunity, memory loss, irritability, abnormal reflexes etc. It is therefore very important to check for mercury toxicity if you have been exposed to high amounts of mercury.

Ways To Check For Mercury Toxicity

If you suspect mercury toxicity, you must consult a physician immediately. Depending on the extent and nature of mercury toxicity, your physician will ask you to take certain tests for identifying the amount of toxicity in the body and the treatment method to be undertaken.

1. Hair Analysis To Check For Mercury Toxicity

Hair follicles are known to have 1000 times more deposits of minerals than what can be found in the body. Therefore a hair mineral deposit analysis will help the physician identify the amounts of mercury deposit in your body.For laboratory tests, you have to give at least 50 hairs from your head which will be equivalent to 1/8th of an inch in diameter. Hair samples can be taken from the back side of your head and from right under the head where the hair is not exposed to pollution.

2. Faecal Matter Analysis To Check For Mercury Toxicity

Testing the faecal matter is another simple way to analyse the mercury levels in the body. Faeces will have high amounts of mercury that is processed by the liver and will help the doctor decide the quantities accumulated in the body of the person who is poisoned. Faecal matter testing has more accuracy and can be undertaken several times due to its simple and non invasive nature.

3. Urine Analysis To Check For Mercury Toxicity

Some people who have mercury toxicity will release mercury through the urine. But urine analysis test is not as forthcoming as a hair mineral analysis test or faecal matter test. However, undertaking a urine analysis test will help the doctor analyse the effect of mercury toxicity on your kidneys. Urine analysis too is a simple non invasive procedure that can be used to compare and arrive at the best treatment method.

4. Blood Tests To Check For Mercury Toxicity

Blood tests are done when you are sure of a mercury poisoning and have been exposed to high concentrations of mercury due to an accident or through some other unfortunate means. The mercury will be still in the blood stream in this case and undertaking a blood test will help identify the extent of mercury present in the body. Blood tests have to be undertaken fast enough to get accurate results.

5. Scratch Test To Check For Mercury Toxicity

Some people will be allergic to mercury and will develop rashes on the skin when they are exposed to it. If you develop such a rash and know that you are allergic to mercury, it is wise to do a scratch test on the skin and analyse the amount of mercury in your body.

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