5 Ways To Treat Arthritis Hip Symptoms


5 Ways To Treat Arthritis Hip Symptoms

The inflammation of the hip joint sourced by cartilage erosion on the smooth regions of the hip joint particularly the femur and acetabulum is an increasing musculoskeletal condition. The disease is characterized by hip joint stiffness and pain. Different management approaches are in use to manage the condition.

5 Ways To Treat Arthritis Hip Symptoms


Drugs For Arthritis Hip Symptoms

Different classes of drugs are used to manage hip arthritis. To relieve pains NSAIDs such as ibuprofen are used. Biphosphonates’ prescription occurs to slow down the process of bone desorption and loss causing aggravated damage of the hip joint.

Their administration occurs intravenously or orally. This condition can also be managed with steroids whose administration is accompanied with anesthetics. All these drugs have perceived side effects hence evaluating the patient’s history prior to administration are essential.

Occupational Therapy And Physiotherapy

In hip joint arthritis, these therapies entail gentle exercises to enhance hip movements; advice on how to walk cautiously when experiencing pains and in advanced cases the use of crutches and sticks. Advice on the height and correct positioning of supporting material is also given. Essentially, these therapies are about activity modification, limiting and encouraging those that can reduce and increase hip arthritis affiliated pains.

Occupational Therapy For Arthritis Hip Symptoms


Hip arthritis resulting from fractures and characterized by persistent pain, infections and inflammation may require surgical management. This therapy may occur in three forms. First form is a procedure for hip replacement and resurfacing. Modern surgical tools and procedures have made this protocol safe, and with farfetched outcomes.

Second form is the revision surgery following hip replacement surgery that is not successful. This procedure ensures that the replaced hip is fully functional and compatible with the new host. The hip can also be reshaped if tearing occurs through a surgery of the acetabular labrum (keyhole surgery). This technology can be arthroscopically monitored hence non-invasive and possible with only a single incision. 

Surgery For Arthritis Hip Symptoms

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Joint Supplements

Joint Supplements are one of the most common treatments to treat Arthritis Hip. The use of joint supplements such as chondroitin and glucosamine often enhances cartilage formation and repair. Both of these supplements fall under the bone components known as glycosaminoglycans.

Glucosamine facilitates cartilage repair while chondroitin enhances its resilience. Although evidence-based care does not ascertain of their efficiency, these supplements are orally administered to enhance the synthesis of building blocks of forming cartilage.

Joint Supplements For Arthritis Hip Symptoms

Weight Loss And Dietary Changes

Hip arthritis often worsens in the accompaniment of poor eating habits and overweight issues. Clinical studies ascertain that weight loss facilitates reduced hip arthritic incidents.

This is by enhancing exercise tolerance. Furthermore, a high calcium and phosphorous intake enhances bone resilience and the capacity of the body to synthesize cartilage.

Weight Loss For Arthritis Hip Symptoms

These are five common ways of managing hip joint arthritis. Each of these methods has its own merits and demerits but mostly focus on pain relieve and renewed functionality of the hip joint. The treatment methods are diverse and not limited to this scope since avoiding smoking and alcoholism also reduce hip inflammation.

Ways To Treat Arthritis Hip Symptoms