6 Home Remedies For Hangovers


Had more alcohol than you could handle? It is natural that the next morning will welcome you with unpleasant physical conditions and you will curse yourself for yet another instance of hangover. The common symptoms of a hangover is a heavy head which could even be a splitting headache in some cases. The other symptoms are nausea, lack of appetite, lethargy and lack of concentration.


Hangover is a completely avoidable situation. It happens due to not just over drinking but also due to dehydration, not eating anything along with alcohol and due to ill health. There are tried and tested home remedies to handle a hangover.

Home Remedies For Hangovers

Lemon For Hangover

Lime is a remedy that you can very easily make use of. Just take one lemon out of your fridge and cut it. Your remedy starts with its essential oils soothing your sense of smell to relieve you of nausea. It is a rich and a natural source of vitamin C.

Vitamin C can help in breaking down of alcohol content present in your system. Take it in the form of fresh lime juice. It will serve you in many ways. One it will hydrate you, increase the appetite and metabolize alcohol.


Ginger For Hangover

Ginger has such fantastic composition which makes it a favorite worldwide as a remedy for treating nausea and stomach conditions. It regulates metabolism of alcohol and reduces nausea and loss of appetite. There are many ways that you can take ginger.

You may simply chew julienne of ginger, sprinkle salt and put a dash of lemon juice. You may make a shorbet of ginger by boiling 2 inches of ginger piece in four glasses of water. Cool it down and take one glass of this add to it juice of one orange and half a lime. Just add 2 tbsp of honey to it.


Stay Hydrated For Hangover

The most important of all the remedies for hangover is to drink fluids. You can drink plenty of water for hydrating yourself. It is a well known fact that water is the best agent to detoxify the body. It makes sense to take plenty of water while you are consuming alcohol. One should drink water even after the intake of alcohol to reduce symptoms of hangover.

You can supplement your fluid intake with fruit juices and clear soups. But know it fully well that caffeinated beverage will dehydrate the body further; hence they need to be avoided.

Stay Hydrated

Tomatoes For Hangover

Tomatoes can be made into a juice with some lemon juice and honey added to it. It can also be taken as a soup. It has fructose that will help in removal of alcohol from the body faster. The juice and soup will keep you hydrated as well.


Apple And Banana For Hangover

They will alleviate the symptoms of hangover by helping you with a headache and making your nerves feel relaxed. It is best to eat the apple on an empty stomach and follow it up after an hour with a banana shake in which honey is added. Bananas contain potassium which is required by the body when there is hangover.

Apple And Banana