6 Natural Cures For Arthritis


Arthritis is a disease that leads to deterioration of joints over a period of time. The joints become red, painful, stiff and inflamed. It may become difficult to perform day to day simple tasks. Medicines are often given for the treatment, but there exist many natural cures which are good and without side effects.


Your doctor will also recommend many natural remedies given in this article. Be consistent with your treatment and there will be a lot of relief coming your way.

Best Natural Cures For Arthritis

Reduce Weight

Those who are overweight must work towards decreasing it. Hip joints, knee joints, and ankle joints have to undergo a lot of stress due to body weight and this worsens the symptoms of arthritis. You need to watch your diet to maintain healthy weight. Avoid foods with high fat, processed food, deep fried stuff and all that comes in the junk food category.


Exercise And Yoga

Yoga and exercise are of utmost importance to you. First to control your weight and secondly to ease your stiff joints which will become stiffer and more painful if left without activity.

You can choose simple to perform exercises which are non-impact type like walks and cycling. It helps to utilize the services of a yoga teacher or a physiotherapist to design a module for you.



Ginger is a wonderful natural remedy for arthritis. It is a common item of the kitchens worldwide, you get it fresh as well as in dry powder form. Gingerols present in ginger are anti-inflammatory in effect. They block the effect of hormones which trigger inflammation.

Use ginger in your meals regularly. If you do not like to put it in food, eat ¼ tsp of dry ginger powder with hot milk once or twice a day. You can make a pack of ginger powder and apply it on painful area.



Turmeric contains curcumin, a well known healing agent. Ayurvedic system of healing uses turmeric to treat all types of inflammations. It can be eaten as a powder or used as a topical application. Take care to buy powder in the pure form.

Indian cuisine uses turmeric powder an integral part of meals, it imparts beautiful yellow color and distinctive aroma to food.


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Garlic has sulphur compounds which aid in reducing pain and swelling. You can take approximately 200 ml sesame oil, put about 20 to 25 whole cloves of garlic and heat up this oil on a low flame for about 10 minutes or so till garlic cloves start turning brown.

Remove from fire at this stage, let them be there to become dark brown. Start using this oil to massage the painful joints. You can remove garlic cloves the next day.


Hot And Cold Therapy

It is a very good therapy, check for yourself whether it suits you or not. You can have a hot fomentation bottle ready with hot water and a pack of ice in a poly bag. Keep both of them alternatively on the painful joints. Each can be kept for one or two minutes. It increases the blood circulation and alleviates the symptoms of pain.