7 Natural Cures For Asthma


Asthma is the condition where the patient finds difficulty in breathing. Asthma may be a result of allergies where an allergen (such as pollens, animal dandruff, etc) induces problems in breathing causing the patient to get breathless. Asthmatic patients may also face an attack in case of vigorous exercises, inhaling pollution, dryness in air, etc.


Since the problem is related to breathing, it can cause serious problems if not looked after. Various symptoms of asthma include coughing, increased heart rate, wheezing, chest tightness, etc. Asthma can be looked after by following various natural cures, some of which are listed below.

Best Natural Cure For Asthma


Asthma may be a reason of swollen airway. Swelling leads to reduction of air passage, causing less of oxygen to reach lungs. This leads to breathlessness. A simple remedy of the problem is to use ginger. Ginger has anti inflammatory properties and helps in getting the airway back to normal.

Take a small piece of ginger and cut it further. Add the pieces into boiling water. Allow the water to take up essentials of ginger for around 5 minutes. Let the water cool a little and then you can drink it. Follow the remedy at least once a day for a healthy air passage.



Fig helps in clearing the mucus build up in airway that causes breathing issues. Take some sun dried figs and soak them in water over night.

When you wake up in morning, drink the water in which figs were soaked. Also, eat up the soaked figs. Make sure you do not have anything else for next one hour.



Onions have anti inflammatory properties. The sulfur in onions allows it to reduce the swelling in air passage, caused by allergens. It also helps in clearing the air way allowing the patient to breathe normally. In initial stages of asthma, onion proves to be a highly effective remedy.



The vitamin C content in lemon helps in clearing the passage of mucus. Usually, people suffering from asthmatic conditions have low levels of vitamin C.

Lemon helps in overcoming this deficiency. Take half a lemon and squeeze it into a glass of water. Add sugar or honey for taste. Have the solution at least once everyday.


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Bishop’s Weed

Bishop’s weed helps in clearing the passage of dried mucus. Dried mucus often causes respiratory problems and is difficult to get rid off. Mix half teaspoon of bishop’s weed in a glass of buttermilk and have the mixture twice a day.



Salmon is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids work well to improve asthmatic conditions by reducing the inflammation in air passage. Getting airway back to normal allows more of oxygen to reach lungs. This normalizes the supply of oxygen, improving breathless conditions.

Also, salmon causes the immune system to react less vigorously to allergens. Thus, on exposure to any kind of allergen, the immune system shows up lesser asthmatic symptoms.



Garlic is a rich source of vitamin C. It helps in cutting down the mucus content in air passage. Also, it works by breaking down histamines present in body. Histamine is the compound responsible for allergic reactions, one of them being asthma. Take 3-4 cloves of garlic and add them to boiling water. Let the water steep for 5 minutes. Strain the mixture and allow it to cool a little. Drinking the mixture will relieve you from the problem.