7 Causes Of Hip Arthritis

Hip Arthritis Inflammation of a joint is called arthritis. When arthritis affects the hip, it is known as hip arthritis. Destruction or thinning of the articular cartilage on the upper end of the thighbone or on the cup-shaped hip socket is the most common cause of hip arthritis.

Cartilages are smooth connective tissues that cover the ends of the bones in the joint. They form a protective cushion enabling the bones in the joints to glide during movements without rubbing against each other. Apart from wear and tear of cartilages, inflammatory disorders that cause inflammation of the lining of the hip joint are associated with hip arthritis.

Arthritis of the hip is more common in elderly people. Your activity level, body weight and structure of hip are other factors that determine your risk of developing hip arthritis. Pain in the hip, buttock, groin, thigh and knee, stiffness and difficulty in walking are common symptoms of hip arthritis. Hip pain worsens after waking up in the morning and aggravates during vigorous physical activities.

Causes Of Hip Arthritis

Wear And Tear Of Cartilage

Wear and tear of cartilages is the most common cause of arthritis of the hip. While the risk of developing this destructive form of arthritis, known as osteoarthritis of the hip, increases with age, your lifestyle may play a role in accelerating loss of cartilage, leading to painful hip arthritis.


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Overweight and obese people are susceptible to hip arthritis. The higher the body weight, the greater is the level of stress exerted on the weight bearing joints of the body such as the hip and the knees. The persistent pressure on the hip joints damages the cartilages, which over time causes arthritis of the hip.


Occupations involving repetitive movement of the hip accelerate wear and tear of the cartilages covering the ends of the bones in the hip, causing arthritis. Even lack of physical activities can cause loss of cartilages.



Injury to the hip is a common cause of destructive arthritis. Destructive arthritis develops when the cartilages in the hip are damaged due to an accident. Sportspersons due to the higher level of injury risk while playing are especially vulnerable to arthritis of the hip.

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Bone Deformities

Deformities of the hip joints or cartilages in the hip stimulate loss ofcartilages, leading to hip arthritis.

Autoimmune Disease

An autoimmune disease that affects the hip causes inflammatory arthritis of the hip. It occurs when the immune cells of the body mistakenly attacks the tissues in the hip joints, causing inflammation of the joint lining.

Autoimmune Disease

 Over time, the autoimmune disease triggers destruction of the cartilages and bones in the hip joints, leading to severe symptoms of hip arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus and ankylosing spondylitis are common forms of inflammatory arthritis of the hip. These systemic diseases affect multiple joints.


Although rare, infection of the hip joints can cause arthritis. This form of arthritis is also known as septic arthritis. It occurs when bacteria, viruses or fungi attack the hip joint. Septic arthritis usually occurs when an infectious agent is transported through the bloodstream from the original site of the infection to the hip joint.

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