A Balanced Diet For Babies


A Balanced Diet for a baby means a diet which is a good combination of all the nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, Vitamins and minerals in right amount. No single food can be rated as a balanced diet in its own. So there has to be a combination of few foods which contains all the nutrients in perfect balance. For adults the diet should be rich in fibre and low in fat but for babies it is other way round it has to be rich in fats and low in fibre content. There has to be perfect balance of both quality and quantity.

Good eating habits need to be cultivated in the babies since the time they start weaning that is they start eating semi-solids. That is the right time to teach them how to eat and what to eat and this will help in making your child healthy. Both for physical and mental development it is necessary for the baby to get a balanced diet. Thus the baby needs to learn to eat variety of foods to stay healthy because a combination of variety of foods will only give the required nutrition to the baby.

The base for each baby food is carbohydrates; younger babies aged between 6 to 10 months can be given rice as staple carbohydrate. To make a change in taste you can also give mashed potatoes too. But remember that the child might not like the rice or potatoes in the first go so do not stop trying trying giving them in some other form, it might work. Do not mix rice and potato because overdose of carbohydrates might cause constipation in the baby. 10 months onwards you can introduce pasta or macaroni as carbohydrate in his diet, they will certainly love it. Bread products and cereals are also rich source of carbohydrates which can also be given to the baby.

Proteins is the next step for nutritious diet which can be given in the form of pulses like lentils , chick peas, daal or kidney beans , chicken meat or tofu . All these are rich in protein and help in the development of baby. Fish and eggs should be given after 6 months only and rather eggs need to be given after first birthday only. Check out for allergies by any of these foods in the baby. Give pulses twice a day as they are rich source of proteins.

Vegetables should also be introduced in their diet one by one, try to make it more colourful as it will make the dish more tempting for them. Similarly fruits should be given to them in rainbow form means as colourful as it can be. Fruits and vegetables are rich source of minerals and vitamins so they are vital for child’s development. Vegetables like spinach, tomato, broccoli, cauliflower and gourd can be given in a combination of two in every meal so that he develops the taste for every vegetable. Fruits should be given in juice form and if buying tinned or canned do not buy syrup form.

Garnishing the baby food will make the food tastier so do not restrict yourself from garnishing baby food. You can add a dash of ginger or garlic in small amounts to make the food yummy for baby’s tummy. You can sprinkle black salt or black pepper all these will help in expelling gas from baby’s tummy.

Oil, butter and cakes can be given as occasional treats to the baby to enjoy the food. Biscuits can also be given made from whole grains. Baby food can be accompanied with breast milk in the sipper or just plain water in order to make it easier to swallow the food. Try keeping a watch on his salt intake it should not be more than 1 gm in a day as it might damage his delicate kidneys. Thus paying attention to his food will make your baby healthy and he will show great mental and physical development too.


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