A Balanced Diet for Kids

Ensuring that your kids are eating a balanced diet and getting all the nutrients that they need for their development is of utmost importance to every parent. This is especially a question in the minds of first time parents. A child should be given a variety of foods, meals should be served on time and fast foods must be kept minimal. Ensure that your kids do not skip meals or feed their unwanted foods to the house pet.

What constitutes a healthy diet?

Carbohydrate, proteins, calcium and fats are the most important nutrients that your child needs especially during the developmental stage.

Carbohydrates should consist of the major portion of your child’s diet. Rice, pastas abns breads must be made part of the daily diet as they help boost the immune system.

Your children must have a healthy serving of fresh fruits daily. Bananas and apples are very good for the child. Fruits are low in calories yet they provide them with the essential nutrients, minerals and fiber that they need. Blend fruits to make smoothies, milk shakes, puddings and custards if your child refuses to have them in the natural state.

Milk is a must in your child’s diet. If they are not eager about milk then substitute it with dairy products like cheese, cottage cheese, ice cream, yogurt and other fun foods. Milk is high in calcium and protein which are extremely important in bone development.

Children need protein in order to build muscles and increase hemoglobin. Include fish, white meats and eggs in their diets. Green leafy vegetables and rice are good for their high iron content.

Fatty foods are equally important however they tend to be unhealthy when they are consumed in excess. Stay clear of the fast food aisle when shopping with the kids. Do not deprive them of it but make sure they are consumed in moderation.

Most importantly, make sure the children drink 8 glasses of water daily.