A Few Easy Ways to Shed Pounds

If you want to look and feel slimmer then I have a few ideas that will work. These simple tips will not only make you look slimmer it will make you more confident too. Remember, when you are over weight it impacts your heart, cholesterol, blood pressure and you are at a risk of heart diseases and cancer.

Thus it is in your best interest to control your weight in order to stay fit. Skipping your favorite foods often leaves you depressed and may also lead to binge eating on certain occasions. In order to prevent this you may treat yourself to low calorie foods regularly.

Foods like lobster, shrimp and smoked salmon are great treats to offer the body; they are low in calories and they also help to satiate hunger pangs. You can also add a spoon of whipped cream to your fruit salad as it adds only 8 calories per serving.

You may choose to have a fruit juice or any other beverage at breakfast; however; after this meal your primary beverage of choice must be water. Beverages like canned drinks and sodas add almost 250 calories per serving and these empty calories add unnecessary pounds to your body.

They also increase the amount of sugar in your body. Sodas are the main cause of poor tooth enamel and cavities thus it is best to avoid these drinks. Water does not contain any calories and it also helps to detoxify your system.

Eat 5 to 6 small meals everyday instead of eating 3 large meals. When you eat large meals your body is not able to digest all the calories that you consume and this leads to fat accumulating in your body.

However when you eat small meals your body has ample time to break up all the calories that you consume thereby breaking down all fats and preventing fat from accumulating in your body.

If you are unable to avoid eating large meals then you must reduce the size of your plates. This will automatically lead to smaller dinner servings and eventually your body will demand for smaller portions of food.

You can reduce 200 calories everyday by avoiding cookies, orange juice, chips and hamburgers. Challenge yourself to avoid eating these foods on a daily basis; this will ensure that you eat healthier meals.