A Fiber Rich Morning Breakfast

Almost every person is in a rush to get going in the morning and this is the main reason why they either rush through their breakfast or skip it completely. This means that the day starts on a low note and without any fiber which means that the rest of the day is spent eating foods that are not preferable if you want to be healthy and fit. If you re running short of options to eat a healthy fiber dense breakfast then I have a few suggestions for you.

If you like to start the day with a bowl of cereal; then eat a bowl of bran in the morning. If you are not keen on it you could start the day with a bowl of fortified cereal. This comes in a variety of flavors including those that are sugar coated and popular.

Add fruits to your breakfast. If eating fruits is not your ideal breakfast then blend them into smoothies and drink it or carry it along with you to work, school or to collage. This is a perfect way to eat healthy throughout the day. Add a few flax seeds to your smoothie so that you get an extra punch of omega 3 fats too.

Make sandwiches with whole wheat bread, bagels or even English Muffins. These are the healthiest and most common sources of fiber. They are also easy to find. There are plenty of options to choose from; as a matter of fact there are certain companies that are offering double servings of fiber in each slice of bread. These are perfect options.

Eat a banana daily at breakfast. This fruit is rich in fiber and can be had independently. It is the perfect option if you are running late and do not have time to fix yourself a healthy breakfast. Strawberries are also great option if you want to eat a fiber rich breakfast.

If you are still clueless about how to increase the amount of fiber in your diet then you have an easy option. Add flax seeds to your breakfast cereals and porridge daily. It will increase the fiber content in your meal drastically.

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