Abhyanga Snana (Oil Massage) In Ayurveda

Is there any benefit in oil massage? Can oil massage bring out any significant changes in our skin and blood circulation? Do those vitamins present in oil can penetrate in to our body?
Oil Massage As Therapy
Skin is the largest organ of human body which also reflects one’s health. As per Ayurvedic texts, oil massage or Abhyanga Snana is a method of treatment for many ailments. Oil massage is a part of Panchakarma Treatment in Ayurveda.

The oil for massaging differs for different ailments. Usually, sesame oil is the base ingredient of most of the ayurvedic massage oils.  Sesame oil is processed with certain herbs according to one’s body type and disease. Then warm oil is applied on the body specifically on marmas or the vital energy points. Massaging marmas helps speedy recovery.

Self Therapy
Abhyanga Snana is normally done by two Ayurvedic massage experts who have great knowledge about human body and marmas. But you can also go for a self oil massage. For this, pick the oil as per your body type or else you can take sesame oil. Warm the oil and apply it all over your body. Now wait for 15 minutes. Then give gentle self massage for about 20 minutes. Wait again for about 15 minutes so that the oil is well absorbed in to your skin. Now you can take a warm bath.

Oil massage helps to improve eye sightsleep and longevity. A part of the oil applied on your body gets absorbed in to the skin. Hence it will give you firm but soft, flawless skin. Oil massage will also help to give improved muscle tone.  While massaging the body, the nerve endings get stimulated.

Vasodilation happens as a result of widening of muscular walls of blood vessels which results in increased blood circulation. Vasodilation also helps to bring out the unnecessary fluids from the tissues beneath the skin surface.

Oil can be applied on the scalp and hair also. It will prevent baldness and dandruff. Oil massaging is also a good technique to relax.

Ayurveda strongly recommends that oil massage has to be made a part of daily routine. It insists that Abhyanga Snana has to be done in the early morning itself.  If oil massage is done as per the instructions of your ayurvedic physician it will help you to resist ageing and to prevent diseases.